Online OI Retreat: True Love in the Presence of Suffering

Dear Friends,

This Spring at Blue Cliff, our Grandmother Magnolia tree, forsythias, and cherry trees burst forth blossoms, reminding us of Mother Nature’s inherent capacities for Resilience and Regeneration.  So, too, with our hearts and minds.

In the same spirit of rejuvenation, starting in May, the three US monasteries (Blue Cliff, Deer Park, and Magnolia Grove) began collaborating so that we could once again offer retreats throughout the year.  We warmly invite you to join us in this retreat as we connect through the practice and teachings, and find more balance and clarity as a sangha.

Blue Cliff will host this year’s Online North American Order of Interbeing Retreat, June 24-27. Please see important information below regarding registration and how to access the retreat.

Please note: The schedule of the retreat will be in North American time zones. Click here to see the schedule in different US time zones.

If you live in Europe, Africa or Asia, please contact for more information.

The primary language for this retreat will be English. Dharma sharing groups for French, Vietnamese, and Spanish speakers will be offered. Translation of the Dharma talks may be possible depending on the availability of translators.

Once registered, please check your confirmation email to sign up for our Teachable platform and to respond to the pre-retreat survey.

Click here to register now!

It is an especially meaningful time for our community to come together.  The last year and a half has been a time of great shifts in our personal and collective spheres. Challenging as these may have been, they have also created space for new experiences, deeper looking, and renewed aspirations. Perhaps in part because of this, the OI Aspirant pool this year is wide and deep. It is a beautiful harbinger of the Order’s growth and engagement, and we look forward to our continued exploration together.

With palms joined,
The 2021 OI Retreat Organizing Team

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