Coming Home to Mother Earth

An immersive experience in Mindfulness, Deep Ecology and Nature Connection.

The Upper Hamlet Community and Happy Farm are excited to offer this special two-week immersive experience.

We are living through incredible times. Collectively on our planet as a human and ‘more than human’ family we are in the midst of a climate emergency, and an ecological emergency. As a human family, we are also in the midst of a social emergency. As a species, we have become disconnected from the natural world. We have forgotten how to live with our ‘original instructions’, in harmony with the earth and all those we share her with. This triple emergency is the root of deep suffering for so many. In this two-week immersive experience in Upper Hamlet, Plum Village, we will explore these themes together.

Whilst we acknowledge there is ill-being and suffering, we also acknowledge that there is a path to well-being and healing set out by the Buddha and continued by Thay. Together we will dive deep into these teachings supported by the Upper Hamlet community and the Happy Farm family. We will take refuge in nature. We will spend time exploring and experiencing the regenerative cultures and practices of the Happy Farm during our service meditations. We will spend time out and on the 20 hectares of wild land of Plum Village that we are rewilding. Together through practices, workshops, and service meditations we will bear witness to the teachings that this wild land is offering us that run in parallel with the teachings of Thay and the Buddha which lead to healing, transformation, and regeneration. 

Healing, transformation, and regeneration for the land. Healing, transformation, and regeneration for ourselves.

We were born for these times.

Important information about this retreat

Our daily schedule is the same as the daily schedule of our 90-day Rains Retreat. However, our morning sessions will be experiential workshops on the Happy Farm and on our rewilding lands (outdoors as much as possible). Our service meditation will be together on the Happy Farm. Finally, our Dharma sharing familiy will be together as a group (20 guests) together with the Happy Farmers.

  • Teachings will be in English
  • There will be a Dharma Sharing family in English
  • To support the stability and collective energy of mindfulness, all participants are asked to stay the full two weeks, and only arrive and depart on the designated days: Friday 16 September and Friday 30 September.

More information about Plum Village Retreats

You can find more information about visiting Plum Village for a retreat on this page.

For practicalities such as transportation, arrival and departure, what to bring and what to wear, please see our practicalities page.

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What is Mindfulness

Thich Nhat Hanh January 15, 2020

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