Finding True Home – Retreat for young Vietnamese and Asian people in the West

Every time we feel lost, we feel we are no longer ourself, we can practice to come home to the island within.

Thich Nhat Hanh

Who am I really? Where do I truly belong?

How do I be at ease with the cultural and generational differences that are ever present in my life? How do I bring out the best of my diverse heritages?

We would like to invite young Vietnamese and Asian people who were born or grew up or have taken roots in the West to explore these questions together during this one-week (June 2-9) retreat.

This retreat will be in Vietnamese, English, and French.

Immersed in the sangha, we will practice walking, sitting, eating, working, listening, and sharing … with true presence and love, to look deeply into the questions of our heart and learn the meaning of coming home to the island within.

Dharma Teachers

Sister Định Nghiêm

Brother Pháp Hữu

Sister Lăng Nghiêm


*To register for couples, please fill in details of both people.

More information about coming to practice with us

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