Happy Farm Week (Lower Hamlet)

The Lower Hamlet Happy Farm family are delighted to announce our next one-week retreat (May 17 – 24) combined with a special hands-on experience in helping us on our organic, agroecology farm.

The Happy Farm is a project of agroecology and organic regenerative agriculture within our mindfulness practice community. You will have a chance to experience first-hand the interconnection between earth, rain, sun, and seed with the hands and feet of a “farmer”.

The farms use a variety of organic and regenerative methods. We practice mindfulness in our work as part of our vision of promoting wellbeing for individuals, society, and the earth (read more on thehappyfarm.org).

During the retreat, we will experience together what it means to bring mindfulness to work through four days of mindful service. We will also enjoy together the Plum Village mindfulness practices such as sitting meditation, walking meditation, and “Dharma / Farmer sharing” during the week. At the end of the week, we will celebrate together to say thank you for your presence and practice with us.

Important information about this retreat

  • Teachings will be in English and French
  • There will be Dharma Sharing families in English and in French
  • To support the stability and collective energy of mindfulness, all participants are asked to stay the whole week, and only arrive and depart on the designated days: Friday 17 May, and Friday 24 May
  • In addition to our usual suggestions of what to bring for a retreat, please bring wet weather clothing and old clothes for gardening, gum boots and rubber gloves. Consider also bringing a sun hat and sunscreen.

More information about Plum Village Retreats

You can find more information about visiting Plum Village for a retreat on this page.

For practicalities such as transportation, arrival and departure, what to bring and what to wear, please see our practicalities page.

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