Healing Oneself, Healing The World

In the spring, seven nuns and monks from Plum Village will begin a Wake Up tour between Greece and Italy which will lead them to meet all those who are interested in learning about meditation as a practice of listening and healing, inside and outside of themselves.

On this occasion we will have the opportunity to practice together during a five-day retreat. We will learn that thanks to breathing and conscious steps we can generate the energy of awareness and awaken the wisdom present in every cell of our body. This energy embraces us and heals us.

This retreat is dedicated to young people between 18 and 35 years old and to the entire community: despite being aimed at this age group, the retreat includes practitioners of any age and “level of experience”, including beginners.

When: The retreat opens on May 1st with a welcome from 3.00pm to 5.00pm and then dinner together at 6.00pm. It ends after lunch on Sunday 5 May.

Where: Amma Italia centre, in Località Nebbioli, 44 Gavi (AL). Easily reachable both by car and train. For those who request it, a shuttle service will be available from the Arquata Scrivia FS station to the Amma Italia Centre. The structure is fully accessible to people with mobility difficulties.

Program: morning meditation, body awakening practices, mindfulness meals, teachings, meditative practices, group sharing, evening meditation and noble silence. All teachings and practices will be in Italian or English with Italian translation.

Food: meals will be vegan. Any food intolerances/allergies must be reported at the time of registration.

Costs: the individual participation fees, including the membership fee for the Amma Italia association, room and board for the entire period, are as follows:

  • 220 euros in a shared room (bring single sheets, pillowcase and towels)
  • 150 euros for those staying in a tent (bring your own tent and sleeping bag)
  • 110 euros for those who choose to stay at nearby B&Bs

Those who opt for this solution are requested to register for the retreat only after having identified the host B&B, managing the booking independently.

Here is a list of nearby facilities.

Scholarships: Any difficulties in covering the costs of the retreat may be expressed in the registration request.

Dana: considered part of the practice of mindfulness, it consists of cultivating generosity; it is a way to express gratitude to the nuns and monks for their choice of spiritual life and for their willingness to share the teachings. The offer is free and must be considered in addition to the aforementioned costs, to be offered in cash directly on site.

Registrations: For better organization, registrations must take place no later than April 15th exclusively via the form you will find here.

You will receive a confirmation email containing the payment methods, once made the registration will be complete. Registrations will close when 130 participants are reached, after which a waiting list will be established.

Cancellations: must be reported to ritiroprimavera@gmail.com

If it is possible to assign the vacant position from the waiting list or, alternatively, by assigning it to another person indicated by the person withdrawing, you will receive a full refund of the amount paid. If the place cannot be assigned to others, for the reported cancellations, reimbursement of the fee paid is possible only no later than April 15th.

What to bring: personal sheets and towels, your own meditation cushion or bench, a yoga mat or a throw to use on the floor. The property offers numerous chairs. We suggest comfortable clothes, also for “body awakening” physical activity; slippers/socks for the internal spaces and for the meditation room, which can be accessed without shoes.

We are waiting for you with joy!

Wake Up friends

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What is Mindfulness

Thich Nhat Hanh January 15, 2020

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