Weekend Retreat

3 Day weekend retreat

General information

  • Day : Friday (check in starts at 15h00) – Sunday (check out at 16h00)
  • Venue : Healing Spring Monastery (map)
  • Language: English only
  • Dharma Teacher : Healing Spring Monastic Dharma Teacher  (Monastics Brothers will coming back to live in Healing Spring)
  • Meal : 3 meals a day (vegan)

What is a Weekend Retreat?

It is a period where you have the opportunity to stay and practice Mindfulness in Healing Spring Monastery. This simple program will allow you to stop, rest, and nourish yourself with peace and togetherness. You will study and practice meditation together with monastic community and other lay practitioners. We’ll also  practice together with practitioners who will come for day of Mindfulness on Sunday.

Who can participate ?

Those who are 18 years old and above are invited to join this retreat whether you are beginners in mindfulness and meditation or experienced practitioners. 

In this retreat, the Monastery will men and couples. Women will  practice in Maison de l’inspir Monastery with the sisters

How is the schedule? 

During this retreat, we will have a chance to practice Sitting Meditation, walking meditation, mindful meal, service to the community, sharing and teachings. Our morning generally starts at +/- 6 o’clock and noble silence will start at 21.30 until the next morning after washing the dishes of the breakfast.


The contribution of this retreat will be around 60€ – 110 € per night depending on the accommodations. Your reservation will be officially confirmed only if you pay your contribution.

All the Contribution is a donation that will help the monastery to support our service in sustaining the monastic communities, maintaining the building of the monastery, and allow us to support participants who have financial difficulty to join the retreat. 

We don’t want that financial situation to become an obstacle for someone to practice. There will be no 100% scholarship but we will give a reduction accordingly. Please write to us if you really need help (after you have made your reservation). Contact us here

(Note: All of our programs embrace the nature of impermanence, if the condition is not sufficient the elements of the retreat may be adjusted, be rescheduled or be canceled)

Note : In this period, we only have 2 weeks for English Speakers. If you understand French, there are more weekend retreats, please see here

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Once you register you will be guided through the whole process step by step.

Important information : 

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