January Retreat (Jan 6-13)

Join us in person for a one week retreat

Plum Village is delighted to be able to open again and to welcome our wider community to join us, in person, here in Plum Village to welcome the New Year 2022. We are looking forward to being together as a fourfold spiritual family.

Please note: All guests are asked to observe the relevant health protocols in line with the law here in France. You can find more information about how we can enjoy a safe and joyful time together here.

This immersive experience will include two talks a week (on Thursday and Sunday), as well as sitting meditations, chanting sessions, walking meditations, mindful meals in community, mindful “service meditation”, group sharings, and a full “lazy day” to truly rest and unwind.

Please note: regular Plum Village “open weeks” do not have a particular theme and are not designed as a course in mindfulness. Rather, they are a precious chance to naturally join the community’s river of practice here in Plum Village as we nourish ourselves with the art of mindful living in daily life. 

This is the first time we are receiving our friends without a week of quarantine. However, with a new variant of the virus outbreak in Europe, we have a few measures to ensure the safety for you and for the whole Sangha.

For the first three days of your arrival, from the 6/1 to the 9/1, there will be a special group of monastics who will be present with you in all your activities. All your activities will be limited to the small meditation halls, including morning and evening sitting meditation, Dharma sharing, meals, mindful service, etc. After three days, you will be embraced and welcome into the bubble of Plum Village. In this way, we are doing the best to protect you and protect the Sangha.

We deeply appreciate your understanding, acceptance and kindness in supporting the housing limitations and our effort to protect everyone.


Women and couples

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What is Mindfulness

Thich Nhat Hanh January 15, 2020

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