Wake Up Tour 2024

Greece & Italy

Dear young friends,

In Spring 2024, the Plum Village brothers and sisters will be on the road for six weeks to come and practice “live” with you in Greece and Italy.

Wake Up Monastics from Plum Village France

We start in Greece on March 31 with a Day of Mindfulness in Athens. This will be followed by a retreat on Aegina Island, from April 4-7.

We then cross the waters to hold a Day of Mindfulness and a Peace Walk in Lecce, Italy on April 13 & 14. We will continue our journey down to the south with visits to local sanghas in Cosenza (April 16) and Sicily. We will hold a Day of Mindfulness in Cinisi, Palermo on April 21 and a visit to a local sangha in Catania on April 20.

Going back up north, we will hold a Day of Mindfulness in Rome on April 27, Pisa on April 28, and a visit to a local sangha in Florence on April 29. We will hold a big retreat for up to 150 people in the north of Italy, near Milan, from May 1-5. We will conclude our trip by visiting the local sanghas in Venice on May 7 and in Trento on May 9.

More information for mindfulness events in Italy on the Wake Up Tour 2024:

<Day of Mindfulness in Cosenza> – April 16

Info: Simona Paese +39 329 972 7835 simonapaese@yahoo.it

<Day of Mindfulness in Catania> – April 20

Info: +39 340 830 5706

<Day of Mindfulness in Cinisi, Palermo> – April 21

Info: palermo.sangha@gmail.com

<Day of Mindfulness in Rome> – April 25

Info: https://www.interessere.it/evento/guarire-noi-stessi-guarire-il-mondo-giornata-di-pratica-di-presenza-mentale-a-roma-con-brother-dao-bi-e-altri-monaci-e-monache-di-plum-village/

<Day of Mindfulness in Pisa> – April 28

Info: info@esserecomunita.org

<Mindfulness Workshop at University of Pisa> – April 29

Info: info@esserecomunita.org

<Mindfulness Workshop at University of Florence> – April 30

<Retreat “Healing Oneself, Healing the World”> – May 1-5 / At Gavi, Alessandria

Info: https://plumvillage.org/retreats/info/healing-oneself-healing-the-world

<Day of Mindfulness in Venice> – May 7

Info: cavallodelvento@virgilio.it

Please check back for more news and connect with your local sanghas.

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