Volunteering – Biennial June Retreat 2024

We would like to invite experienced practitioners in the Plum Village tradition to support us from May 28 – June 18 as volunteers in the biennial June Retreat at Plum Village France.

We will offer our service, working in harmony together while we learn ways to take care of the mind and body in the present moment, to cultivate a deep well-being both individually and collectively.

Practical information

Volunteers will arrive on May 28 to settle in, meet the monastics and the volunteer team. We will learn, practice, play, and prepare for the retreat together.

Volunteers will stay a few days after the retreat, departing on June 18 to help us wrap up the retreat and join the farewell gathering.

You will camp during the retreat and contribute €175 for your stay.

**We only consider applicants who have practiced at one of the Plum Village centers.

All volunteers, please provide:

  • A copy of ID card
  • Proof of health insurance and visa if needed.
Joyful preparation at the 2022 June Retreat

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