Volunteering – Wake Up 2024

I have no doubt you can help to create a better world, as I have no doubt about the immeasurable potential of youth.

Thich Nhat Hanh

We would like to invite experienced practitioners in the Plum Village tradition to support us as volunteers during the Wake Up Retreat for young people between 17 and 35. Your help is essential in many areas, such as guiding mindful service, translation, transportation.

A group of Wake Up volunteers joyfully together

Practical Information

  • Volunteers will arrive on 6th of August and depart on 19th of August 2024.
  • All volunteers will camp and contribute €125 for the stay. 
  • All volunteers, please provide:
  • A copy of ID card
  • Proof of health insurance and visa if needed.
  • We can only consider your application if you are between 17 and 35 years old and have attended a retreat at a Plum Village center before.
Breathing in, I know this is a happy moment, breathing out I smile

Feedback From Wake Up Retreat 2023

The wake up retreat was a joyous and life changing experience. I was able to listen to myself more and heal some old wounds of the past with the support and beautiful conditions of plum village. I am so grateful for this experience thank you from the bottom of my heart


Wake up is more than a meditation retreat. It helped me to regain connection to myself and to people around me. I helped me to cultivate joy and belonging while addressing difficult topics such as environmental and social challenges, things that I deeply care about. 


I feel incredibly lucky that my first time at PV was a summer with a historic number of LGBTQIA+ Sanghas, making it an incredibly safe and empowering space for me as a queer person, where I found beautiful connections. I will definitely be back next year and looking forward to continue to build community with my rainbow siblings!

Joanna Rita

Places in Upper Hamlet are now full.

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