Dharma Talks / “A la Carte” Dharma Talk

Br Pháp Hải

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A talk from 7 March based on questions that people have sent in.

Offered for Mountain Spring Monastery in Australia and the Compassionate Ocean Sangha: www.mountainspringmonastery.org, www.compassionateoceansangha.org.

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Discourse on the Lotus of the Wonderful Dharma: Universal Door Chapter

Buddha of ten thousand beautiful aspects,may I ask you this question:“Why did they give that bodhisattvathe name Avalokita?” The World-Honored One, beautifully adorned, offered this reply to Akshayamati:“Because actions founded on her deep aspiration can respond to the needs of any being in any circumstance. “Aspirations as wide as...

Saddharma Puṇḍarīka Sūtra, Chapter 25, Taishō 262

Discourse on Transforming Violence and Fear

1) Let us listen and observe to understand how, from a happy and wholesome state, people have brought society into a state of terror and violence. How have past generations acted for the situation to become like this? I want to talk to you about this suffering and tell...

Attadaṇḍa Sutta, #16 of the Arthapada, Taishō 198, Snp 4.15

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What is Mindfulness

Thich Nhat Hanh January 15, 2020

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