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Br Pháp Ứng

Brother Phap Ung unveils the calligraphy “Compassionate business people heal the world”.

Essentially we are all business people, as businesses need consumers and we are all consumers. Br Phap Ung reminds us that the provider, consumer and product are not separate from each other. Br Phap Ung introduces us to Anathapindika, a devoted lay follower of the Buddha who was a very successful businessman. The Buddha’s spiritual advice to businessmen were to dwell happily in the present moment and to adopt the five mindfulness trainings as guidelines for daily life.

Br Phap Ung explains the 13th to 16th breathing exercises from the Sutra on the 16 Exercises of Mindful Breathing (1-8 are covered in the previous talk). These exercises comprise contemplations on impermanence, non-craving, no-birth no-death and letting go of ideas of a separate self and a limited lifespan. These contemplations free us from the need to survive at any cost, and to realize that we are already complete.

We do not need our suffering or the suffering of another to go away. If we can generate mindfulness, concentration and insight, suffering can reveal to us the Four Noble Truths, which ultimately lead to understanding and love. Our understanding and insights (on impermanence for example) give us greater freedom in our lives. With greater freedom also come greater compassion and responsibility. Financial engagement in this light makes it possible to use money, power and position as compassionate tools in our lives. This way of conducting business can lead to a collective awakening of the society in which we live, to the need for greater mindful living, mindful consuming and sustainability.

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