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Dharma Talks / Re-manifestation, Easter Talk

Sr Từ Nghiêm

Easter represents renewal of life. Through Christian aspect of Christ’s resurrection and the pagan aspect of spring new life is being born. (2:07)

As mindfulness practitioners we can get in touch with the renewal of life by being aware of our breath and our steps. To be in touch with the people around us and the world around us, all we have to do is open our eyes and they are fully present. We can relax to allow ourselves to let go of the past and the future. (7:52) Spring is an excellent opportunity to observe the impermanent and inter-being nature of life. (21:56)

To live happily in our daily lives it is important to understand our own mind, and know how mindfulness can take care of the negative seeds in our store consciousness, and invite positive seeds to come up . (35:17)
Spring is also a moment to renew our relationships by watering the good seeds in each other, learning how to apologize and not watering negative seeds in the other person. (56:23)

Sometimes we have suffering and we don’t how to handle it. Our Manas might want to deal with it by consuming too much. Mindfulness can help us to balance. (59:44)

As practitioners of mindfulness we can learn how to take care of our suffering. First by recognizing where it is in our body. By being with it in a positive environment, like in nature. That way we have enough stability to investigate it further. (1:06:27)

When people whom we love pass away, or when relationships end, there is sadness at the loss. In our tradition we talk about manifestation and ceasing to manifest. Today we celebrate that life continues. There is continuation of manifestation, re-manifestation of the flowers, there’s re-manifestation of love, of joy, of hope, of reconciliation and everything is living together. We’re all living together in the same house, Buddhists and Christians, this house is planet Earth. (1:19:54)

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