Dharma Talks / The Four Fruits of the Plum Village Practice

Sr Từ Nghiêm

Talk in English given on September 29, 2019, in the New Hamlet of Plum Village

Sr Tu Nghiem talks about the Four fruits of the Plum Village practice, which are 1) froglessness, 2) Dwelling in the present moment 3) interbeing and 4) no birth and no death.

With ‘froglessness’ we stop being restless and begin to enjoy the practice. We also learn to differentiate between wholesome and unwholesome thoughts and learn to change the inclination of our mind. When the ‘frog’ settles down, we attain “I have arrived, I am home” which is dwelling in the present moment. Interbeing can be experienced at many levels, from within our own body, with personal relationships, with our environment, and everything in the universe. With the fourth fruit of no birth and no death, Sr Tu Nghiem talks about the Two Truths (relative and ultimate), understanding continuation, and birth and death as concepts of the mind.

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