Dharma Talks / Stopping, Resting, and Cultivating Happiness

Sr Hội Nghiêm

Sr Hoi Nghiem explores the conditions we can cultivate in our lives to have more happiness.

In this new year, we can be a new person, and also look at others with new eyes and allow them to begin again. We need to have mindfulness in our lives in order to recognize and smile to what is happening within us. We also need to balance space and time in our lives. For example, we can clean up the physical spaces around us and make time to be able to enjoy them. We also have to practice stopping to master ourselves and have enough rest. Finally we practice to create joy and happiness even in the midst of suffering. If we have these six conditions in our lives, we take care of ourselves and can then begin to take care of others. With each of the six conditions, Sr Hoi Nghiem gives examples of mindfulness practices we can use to create them.

Sr Hoi Nghiem also speaks in detail about the five touchings of the Earth, which are connecting with our blood ancestors, spiritual ancestors, loved ones, Mother Earth and the ones who cause us suffering. The touchings of the earth are like our roots and strong roots enable us to be happy. Whatever we love belongs to us and with that we can live rich and happy lives.

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