Dharma Talks / The Nature of No Birth and No Death | Neuroscience Retreat

Br Pháp Dung

Br Phap Dung talks about the historical and ultimate dimension, training our minds and healing ourselves in the present moment.

Buddhism is a practice to touch the ultimate dimension (absolute truth) from the historical dimension (relative truth). Teachings such as dependent co-arising or causes and conditions for the manifestation of phenomenon, and training the mind to see the nature of interbeing help one not to be caught in duality and transcend notions of birth and death, coming and going, being and non-being, same and different. Br Phap Dung demonstrates these with examples frequently used by our teacher Thay.

We have to train our minds to see with the eyes of interbeing and question what we have been taught by society as pathways to and objects of happiness. We can learn to take care of our thoughts and feelings to enable healing. Healing in the present moment by bringing our mind back to the body and bringing our thinking down. We can spend time with the feeling in the body without having to completely figure out ‘why’. In the present moment, we are not burdened by memories of the past or anticipating healing that will happen in the future. We do not have to remove all our wounds before we can enjoy peace and happiness. Healing can also happen in community, not in isolation, such as when we share our suffering and insights during Dharma sharing.

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