Dharma Talks / Three Doors of Liberation

Br Pháp Khi

“ Coming home ” ; “ Tornare a casa ” — Italian Retreat 2018 in Plum Village / Dharma talk in English with alternate Italian translation.

” In this Dharma talk, the Three Jewels — the Buddha, the Dharma, and the Sangha, are presented in their dynamic aspect of movement and direction : The Buddha as the “Tathāgata”, ‘the One who is coming from suchness (tathatā) and returning to suchness’; the Dharma as the Path (“Marga”), the ‘Noble Eightfold Path’ (the way out of ill-being… the way in to well-being), as well as the embodiment of the living Dharma; the Sangha as a ‘River’… With that, the non-going/non-coming dimension of living in the present moment is also introduced as a counter-balancing reality and experience. Coming home to ourselves is to be understood as Being home with ourselves every moment possible.
The three doors of liberation are also presented here (‘Emptiness’ as the first door; ‘Signlessness’ as the second door), with some attention given to the third door: “apraṇihita”, ‘aimlessness’ associated with ‘non grasping’, ‘releasing’ or ‘letting go’ — The question: “But what is it to let go of exactly, then ?” is pointing to the ambiguity of letting go, and calls for a sense of responsibility and compassion, in particular in the face of suffering. Compassion is then suggested as a potential fourth door of liberation.

→ Quotations used :
*Hermes Trismegistus, from the Hellenistic Egyptian period, in his discourse to his disciple Thot, was saying something quite interesting:
« the infinite moves itself into its stability »
« l’ infinito si muove nella sua stabilità. »
*Ibn’Ata’Allâh (Sufi Master, 14th C.):
« Although imprisoned into your dreams and thoughts, you are part of the great journey. Each one of your breath brings you closer to or takes you further away from your own truth. Listen to the word of the passing moment. In this very moment of the long journey, where do you find yourself ? »
« Anche se sei imprigionato nei tuoi sogni e pensieri, fai ancora parte del grande viaggio. Ogni tuo singolo respiro ti porterà vicino o ti porterà lontano dalla tua verità. Ascolta la parola dell’istante che sta passando. In questo preciso momento del lungo viaggio, in quale posto ti ritrovi ? »

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