Dharma Talks / We Belong to the Community of Life | “Science, Spirituality, & Action” Retreat, Talk #3

Sr Chân Đức

How can we see that we are not separate from those around us, and all of life? How can we feel a true sense of safety and belonging?

In this final Dharma talk of our 2022 Science & Action Retreat, Sr Chan Duc shares her experience, lessons from our teacher zen master Thich Nhat Hanh, and concrete guidance for overcoming the painful sense of being a separate self-entity, existing separately from our loved ones, our community, and the life surrounding us.

0:00 Guided Sitting Meditation

10:57 Dharma Talk begins

13:05 Listening to a Dharma Talk like the earth full of seeds welcomes the rain

18:25 Practicing Walking Meditation and Listening to the Bell as one Sangha body: Sangha life frees us from a separate identity

21:39 The Bose-Einstein condensate: Matter has the capacity to let go of its separate identity

30:16 Can our organisations become a family united by spirituality and a code of behavior?

41:29 Making new discoveries and honoring the wisdom of our ancestors go hand in hand

50:25 The importance of deep listening and loving speech

52:53 The Historical Dimension and the Ultimate Dimension: can we train ourselves to realize interbeing in our daily life in order not be be attached to views and cut through the illusion of a separate self?

1:37:55 Song in Vietnamese: Who is singing?

1:41:18 Three Sounds of the Bell

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