Live Blog / 40 Years of Plum Village / Day 5 and 6 Gathering in New Hamlet and the Sharings of the Elders (June 7-8, 2022)

On June 7, the mahasangha convened in the Loving Kindness Temple (the “New Hamlet”) and received nourishment of the Dharma, friendship, and early Summer mulberries!  Sr. Dinh Nghiem gave a touching teaching on Thay’s journey in developing Plum Village and how the sangha river continues to grow. It is a true manifestation of the second Plum Village Seal, ‘Go As a River’. 

On June 8, the three hamlets had a well deserved lazy day, followed by an afternoon panel of Plum Village elders, lay and monastic, sharing memories and impressions of arriving in Plum Village in the early 80s, 90s till the present. Each hamlet hosted their own sharing of the elders. Many shared what inspired them to return to Plum Village again and again despite the very basic conditions at the beginning and how it was to meet Thay in small settings.

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