“Be a Channel of Peace and Love” – Dharma talk by Br. Phap Lai

The temptation to despair is the biggest malaise of our time.

Thich Nhat Hanh

This Sunday 24 April, let us come together to learn ways to cultivate peace and love for ourselves and others amidst the struggles of the world.

At 9:30am Paris time, Brother Phap Lai will offer a live talk on how to remove wrong perceptions and fears through deep listening. Through inspiring stories of peace makers, he will show us how to open our hearts to reality, to compassion, and touch a greater energy of peace and love beyond our individual selves.

At 3pm Paris time, Sister Giac Nghiem and Luc Nghiem will be interviewed by Sr. Lang Nghiem about their recent experience in Ukraine where they joined a peace delegation of religious leaders visiting refugee camps in the city of Chernivtsi, to show friendship, offer comfort, and share guidance for maintaining spiritual well-being under distressing circumstances.

The morning talk and afternoon interview will both be in English (with French translation via Zoom).

YouTube link (for 9am talk by Br. Phap Lai)

Zoom link (for French translation)

Meeting ID: 995 5240 9850

Passcode: DOM2022

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