Being Peace – Japan tour 2024

Hiroshima, Kamakura, Toyota, Tokyo

Thich Nhat Hanh emphasizes that the key to a peaceful world lies in coming home to oneself, cultivating inner peace by learning to be present, and taking care of our own suffering, sadness, and anger. In the face of mounting anxiety, it is crucial for each of us to learn the art of cultivating inner peace, reconciling with those close to us, and contributing to a more peaceful world.

This 3-week (March 13 – 30) teaching tour includes a variety of events catered to individuals engaged in different sectors of society, encompassing activities for peace activists, social workers, educators, students, and interfaith initiatives in collaboration with the Society of Jesuits, Rinzai Zen School, and Pure Land School.

The tour will feature five monastic Dharma Teachers from Plum Village France and Thailand) and Deer Park Monastery. 

All teachings & activities will be in English with Japanese translation.

Accommodation & domestic travel

The organizing team will prepare a list of recommended hotels for all overseas participants to book individually.

  • Accommodation estimated cost: $50-60 per night.
  • Domestic travel est. cost: $500 for the entire tour.

We would like you to make your registration/application on each event by yourself and also to arrange/book all the accommodations and domestic transportation in Japan by yourself.

Unfortunately, you cannot stay at the same place as the Monastics.

Tour schedule

Here is a Link to our Tour Information Site:

Please open it by using Google Chrome

Click 「・・・」 in the upper right corner and select “Translation”(or Google Translate*) and click this button so that the whole site turns into English

*The translate function and this process may vary depending on device (e.g., Apple or Microsoft,etc..) and/or browser(Google Chrome, Safari, etc..)

For inquiries about the tour, please contact the
organizing team –

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What is Mindfulness

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