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Harvesting Apples While Cultivating Joy & Siblinghood

On the 13th of November the Monastic Sangha gathered at a neighbor’s apple orchard. The community was kindly allowed to harvest the surplus of apples after the main harvest. Sometimes this can be called gleaning, (or glanage), and consists on the collecting of edible leftovers from a field after the farmer’s harvest. This has been permitted by law in France since the mid-16th century and remains on the books until today.
Apple picking, in fact, was quite secondary and only a pretext for the monastic siblings to cultivate joy, harmony, and true love.

We harvested many things… and even some delicious apples.

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Disclaimer: The images or video that has been posted may show members of the community physically close and not wearing masks within the boundaries of Plum Village. This is because the whole community has been closed to the public and have been living in confinement since March 2020 and therefore the risk of transmitting the Covid-19 virus to each other is very low. For more information.

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