Happy Continuation Day to Sister Chân Không

Today is a very special day for Plum Village, because it is the 80th birthday of our eldest sister, Sr. Chân Không. At Plum Village we prefer to call our “birthday” our continuation day, and we nourish our gratitude for her continued presence in the sangha. She has been a pillar of support for countless people, both lay and monastic. You can read about her many beautiful arms of a bodhisattva in her profile on our website and her books, and article in Lion’s Roar. She is well known for her soulful singing that moves people to tears in her total relaxation sessions, and awakens their healing and reconciliation through her tireless talks on the practice of beginning anew. Even now as she is at the sweet age of 80 she continues to fly around the world giving talks to inspire the young and old alike, she is always ready to offer her time and heart to audiences of hundreds or to a single person crying with pain. We wish you steady good health, lightness in body and mind as we remember you with much gratitude, love and respect on your continuation day.

Happy Continuation to our beloved eldest sister.

You can enjoy her singing a happy song!

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