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During a typical summer, Plum Village hosts hundreds of families that come with their children to practice mindfulness. We invite you to enjoy a selection of Plum Village practices created especially for children.

Everyday Mindfulness

How do we cultivate stability and freedom in our daily lives? Can we enjoy eating our food in mindfulness? Brother Phap Luu offers a pebble meditation for children to use and Kaira Jewel shows them how to enjoy a simple snack in mindfulness.

Pebble Meditation
Snack Meditation

Inviting the Bell

Inviting the bell at home is an important practice for the family to return to themselves, or to calm a tense situation. Anyone with some mindfulness in the present moment can do it, including our children.

Inviting the Bell
Does the Buddha live in the bell?

Handling Strong Emotions

When children learn how to calm their strong emotions, they begin to learn how to take care of themselves and bring stability into their lives.

Sailing your boat in a storm

Hugging Meditation

A hug always makes everything better! Brother Phap Lai teaches hugging meditation to the children.

Hugging meditation


No Plum Village practice is complete without singing! Singing helps us to cultivate joy and mindfulness.

I like the roses

More resources

Some of the practices shared here along with others are available in a section for children on the Plum Village App.

There are a number of books for children written by Thich Nhat Hanh and the Plum Village community, available from Parallax Press.

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