Round up: Plum Village at COP26

Plum Village nuns and monks were invited to offer teachings and support during the buildup to COP26 and during the conference itself. Here we round up videos of their teachings and reflections that are available to watch online.

Sister True Dedication’s TED Talk

This 16 minute TED Talk was recorded in the runup to COP26 at the TED Countdown Summit.

You can find more resources connected to this talk at

You can also enjoy a photo album of Sister Lang Nghiem, Brother Phap Huu, Brother Phap Linh, and Sister Hien Nghiem at the TED Countdown Summit here.

Two Monks at COP26

Here is a collection of the recorded talks and interviews Brother Phap Dung and Brother Phap Linh offered while at COP26.

New York Times Climate Hub: “Returning to the Heartwood”
TED Countdown at COP26
Pocket Project at COP26: Daily Update

Post-COP26 Reflections

Starting with a vlog recorded at COP26 and a slideshow of photos, Brother Phap Dung and Brother Phap Linh reflect on their experiences at COP26 and on the conference itself: Was it a success? What needs to happen next?

Their reflections are followed by sharing from representatives of the Earth Holder Community as well as questions and answers.

Post-COP26 Refelctions from Brother Phap Dung and Brother Phap Linh

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