Engaged Buddhism / Practices for COP26

The COP26 UN Climate Conference will take place this year in Glasgow from October 31st to November 12th. Below are details of practices offered by the Plum Village community to support the conference.

During the 14 days, the Earth Holder Community, with Les Gardien.ne.s de la Terre (the French speaking Earth Holder Plum Village Community), invite you to sit and practice with us in a daily meditation cycle to connect with the Living Earth in us and around us and thus support the COP 26 with our mindfulness practice and our energy.  

Looking deeply, with mindfulness and concentration, will always bring insight. We need to look deeply in order to see our true nature and the true nature of the Earth. We need to look deeply to see that we are the Earth. With this insight, love will be born. Our love and understanding will heal us and heal the Earth.

With mindfulness, one can consume in a way that preserves the planet and the environment. Happiness does not come from consumption and money, but from understanding and love.

Thich Nhat Hanh

  • To register and receive a daily offering of Earth Holder practices by email, please fill out this brief form 

Daily Practice, Reverence for Life 

Every day, you will be sent a daily practice of a guided or silent meditation, to practice at home. On silent meditation days, it will be accompanied by a short inspirational text by Thich Nhat Hanh. 

The meditations chosen are to help us connect with the Earth, with the wonders of Nature in us and around us.The 14 Days of Practice will include:

  • Sitting/ Guided Meditations
  • Touching the Earth
  • Writing Love Letters
  • Teachings by Thay 

We will also offer a teaching and live Dharma Sharing during the 14-day period and we will also have an online Day of Mindfulness on Sunday, Oct 31.

Everybody is welcome. 

Day of Mindfulness 

Sunday, 31 October: Special Day of Mindfulness on the theme of protecting Mother Earth (in New Hamlet)- For the special afternoon we would like to invite you to create a small altar to express your gratitude for Mother Earth- you can print out one of the calligraphy to put on your altar.

  • LIVE 7:00 – 7:30 (Paris time) Guided Meditation
  • LIVE 9:20 – 11:15 (Paris time) Guided Sitting & Monastic Chanting, followed by a Dharma Talk by Sr Lăng Nghiêm & Br Pháp Linh
  • LIVE 12:30 – 13:30 (Paris Time) Formal Lunch in the Meditation Hall
Instruction for the formal lunch: we invite you to prepare a vegetarian -or even vegan meal if possible- and to join us around 12:40 pm to follow the traditional procession of the monastics of the formal meal at the New Hamlet. We will wait until everyone is seated in the meditation hall to read the 5 contemplations before the meal and we will eat together in silence for about 20 minutes.
  • LIVE 15:30 – 17:30 (Paris time) “Beginning Anew with Mother Earth” ceremony led by Sr. Chân Đức (you may download the text here).

You will be able to join us on the day via our Live page or the Plum Village YouTube Channel.

Who we are… 

The Plum Village Community of Engaged Buddhism is a global community of mindfulness practitioners who follow the teachings of Venerable Zen Master Thích Nhất Hạnh (a.k.a. “Thay,” meaning “teacher”). The Earth Holder Community is a branch of the Plum Village tree that applies Thay’s core teachings on engaged Buddhism, mindful living, social and racial justice, and inter-being with Mother Earth at this time of ecological crisis.

Earth Holders’ aim is to “bring mindfulness, compassion, healing, and non-violence to protecting ourselves, each other, all beings, and the Earth.”

The path of brotherhood and sisterhood [and kinship] is more precious than any ideology or religion.”

Thich Nhat Hanh

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