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“The Rain” is composed and sung by Sister Chân Đức (“True Virtue”), or Sister Annabel, as she is known to many. We hope you enjoy this tender and gentle song. For those of us with some worry or trouble in this moment, may the rain of compassionate understanding soak deeply into the soil of our hearts, and restore our peace and freshness.

Written, Composed & Sung by Sr. Chan Duc (True Virtue)
The Rain 4:44

Written, Composed & Sung by sr. Chan Duc (True Virtue)

Rain at Thich Nhat Hanh’s veranda, Upper Hamlet, Plum Village France.
The Rain

Written, Composed by Sr. Chan Duc (True Virtue)

The rain is falling so softly
Washing every leaf of every tree
Washing every care
Namo 'Valokiteshvaraya (x2)
The rain is falling so strongly 
Reaching every root of every tree 
Reaching every root of affliction 
Namo 'Valokiteshvaraya (x2)
The rain is falling so lovely
Playing the music of joy
For ten thousands of beings
Namo 'Valokiteshvaraya (x2)

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