Photos / The Rains Retreat 2022

Your solid and peaceful presence has been a real support for us during these 90 days.

Brother Phap Huu at the “Ceremony of Invitation” to close the 2022 Rains Retreat

How precious it is to dwell peacefully together for 90 days, to deepen in our understanding of the Dharma and apply it in myriad facets of life. Walking or cooking, teaching or learning, planting trees or playing soccer… we held Thay in our hearts and infused these ordinary moments with a touch of the legendary.

When we grow one year in the practice, we are younger and more fresh.

Sister Bao Nghiem at the “Ceremony of Invitation”

These rich and fruitful 90 days have nourished our aspiration to continue to build the beloved community and to bring happiness to all beings.

The following gallery is a collection of moments lived during this Rains Retreat.

More than one month has passed. The manyfold community enjoys the practice with an energy of harmony, togetherness and peace. Monastics, long-term and short-term retreatants co-create a rich atmosphere filled with joy and transformation. We are aware of our good fortune for having enough conditions to practice in this way, as one body, during 90 days.

On September 15th, we formally started our 90-Days Rains’ Retreat with the “Ceremony of Requesting Refuge (Varsavasana)”. The Buddha, our Teacher (Thay) and the Manyfold Sangha of Upper Hamlet, Son Ha, Lower Hamlet and New Hamlet, joined their energies to take the deep vow of helping each other to stop, rest, heal, and reflect over the coming three months.

Rains Retreat: The 90-day Rains Retreat is an annual retreat whose origins date back to the time of the Buddha. It is a time for Buddhist monastics to deepen their studies, practice, heal, and transform. In Plum Village, we also welcome lay friends to join us and participate in the 90-days of practice alongside the monastics. This creates a joyful, community experience, and a time for collective healing and transformation.

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