Practices for Children / We Are All Flowers

Orlaith O’Sullivan teaches children how to truly appreciate those around them by reading from her new book We Are All Flowers.

In this 8-minute video, children learn the art of ‘Flower Watering’ where they learn to see the good qualities of others and themselves and to express appreciation for them.

Orlaith O’Sullivan is a founding member of the Community of Contemplative Education, Mind & Life Europe’s group to cultivate human flourishing through education, which offers research, evidence-base, and overviews to deepen our understanding of what works and how. O’Sullivan is also the International Coordinator of Wake Up Schools, the award-winning grassroots organization for mindfulness in education. She lives in Dublin, Ireland.

These colouring worksheets are offered for free for your children to practice flower watering.

Teacher’s pack (Letter) – We Are All Flowers

You can also purchase Orla’s book ‘We Are All Flowers’ from the Parallax Press website.

We Are All Flowers by Orlaith O’Sullivan

Watch part 2 of this series which is about helping children recognize their emotions.

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