In the Footsteps of the Buddha

Each of us felt a deep resonance with the sacred sites and we were moved to tears.

Sister Deer Park on the 2023 Pilgrimage

We welcome you to this sacred pilgrimage through India (2024 April 8 – 20), an opportunity to “truly feel what the Buddha felt, see what he saw, and experience what he experienced” as a living human being.

Led by monastics from Plum Village and the EIAB and guides from BuddhaPath, we will embark on this inner and outer journey, beginning each day with meditation, engage in mindful walking, and immerse in the life and teachings of the Buddha.

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Monastics of the April 2024 Pilgrimage

Moments from past pilgrimages

I came to understand that during his period of asceticism, the only thing that could have sustained him was compassion – compassion for the suffering of others.

Brother Phap Linh

Transmission of the Five Mindfulness Trainings on Vulture Peak, 2019 [Photo Credit: Vikash Kumar]

Walking mindfully in the footsteps of the Buddha in Bakrour village where Sujata offered him kheer [rice pudding] (2023 Pilgrimage).
Sun setting behind Shariputra’s stupa at the remains of the ancient university at Nalanda. (2023 Pilgrimage).
Monastics with school children under a Neem tree, like the Buddha would have sat under in Sarnath (2023 Pilgrimage).
Sister Kindness touching the foot of Bodhisattva Tara at the Maha Bodhi temple, Bodh Gaya (2023 Pilgrimage).
Wake Up Retreat for young people under a Banyan tree planted by Thay 15 years ago at Jamun Village (Plum Village-India), Dehradun (2023 Pilgrimage).
Plum Village pilgrims crossing the Niranjana River (2019 Pilgrimage) [photo credit: Vikash Kumar]
Dhamekh Stupar, Sarnath – said to be where the Buddha gave his first teaching after attaining enlightenment (2019 Pilgrimage) [photo credit: Carlos J. Vázquez-Berríos]

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What is Mindfulness

Thich Nhat Hanh January 15, 2020

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