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Dharma Talks / Guided Meditation On the 7 Factors of Awakening

Br Pháp Lưu

Guided meditation by brother Phap Luu before his Dharma talk.

[The Plum Village Online Monastery] [Mindful online broadcasts like this are supported entirely by donations.] [Donate at http://pvom.org Thank you for your generosity.] Breathing in, I'm aware that I'm sitting with my sangha, surrounded by the frost, cold, above, below, but inside it is warm. Breathing out, I let go all my expectations about this Dharma talk. (Laughter) About the Winter Retreat, about my practice, so I can be fully here breathing with my sangha. In, aware of the Sangha, out, letting go of expectations. (Bell) (Bell) (Bell) (Bell) Breathing in, I'm aware that mindfulness is present. Aware of my breathing, aware of my body, aware of my feelings, aware of my mind. Aware of the impermanent nature of all things. Breathing out, I smile to mindfulness. This awareness taking care of the present moment. Breathing in, I investigate what is going on in my body, the sensations, arising and passing away. I investigate my mind, thoughts coming and going. Breathing out, I smile to this capacity to investigate what is going on. Breathing in, I touch a deep source of energy, life energy, that supports, gives life to this mindfulness, to this investigative energy. Allow this energy to nourish my practice, to bring me back to the present moment and be aware of what is going on with diligence. Breathing out, I smile to this energy awakened inside of me. Breathing in, I feel joy, a kind of rapture in my body. With this mindfulness, this investigation within, that ignites the source of energy. My body fills with joy, joy to be alive and aware of the present moment. Breathing out, I smile to joy within me and around me. Breathing in, this joy makes my body calm, tranquil. I have nowhere to go and nothing to do. All I need is available here and now within. Breathing out, I allow this tranquility to pervade my body and my mind. Breathing in, my mind is naturally concentrated. With mindfulness, awareness of what is going on, energy, joy, and calm, my body need make no effort to rest in concentration. My thinking is calmed down. I can sustain my awareness with ease and allow it to pervade my body and my mind. Breathing out, I smile to concentration. I feel settled, free from all worry or anxiety. Breathing in, I touch equanimity. I allow my awareness to include all things, good, painful, just or unjust, fair or unfair, pleasant or unpleasant. My mind no longer is attached to perceptions about all these things, liking, disliking. Breathing out, I feel free, my heart feels open, my worries, my burdens are cast off, frozen away. Breathing in, with mindfulness, investigating what is going on in the present moment, making effort, energy, to sustain this awareness, enjoying the rapture that fills my body and mind, and allowing it to calm down and become concentrated, I no longer am attached to my likes and dislikes, my fears or my desires. I can dwell happily in this present moment as I breathe out. (Bell) (Bell) [Mindful online broadcasts like this are supported entirely by donations.] [Donate at http//pvom.org Thank you for your generosity.]

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