Dharma Talks / Invoking The Bodhisattva

Sr Lăng Nghiêm

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What actions can we take to help bring about healing within ourselves and around us?

How do we regain our sovereignty in moments of difficulty? (5:05 – ~10:00)

Do we see a craving inside of ourselves for normalcy? How can we take this moment as an opportunity to realign our sense of ‘normal’? (12:50 – ~18:00)

Sister Lang Nghiem shares her own experiences, challenges, and practice living in community in recent months, and offers us several models for acting with insight, compassion, and courage, especially in times of turbulence, uncertainty, and challenge.

She shares about each of the five bodhisattvas represented in a sutra called “Invoking the Bodhisattva’s Names”. (Introduction at 25:30, Invocation begins at 33:00 ) The Bodhisattvas embody energies present in each of us, which we can cultivate and call up in the midst of the challenges of our daily life:

Compassion– Avalokiteshvara
Understanding– Manjushri
Action– Samantabhadra
Aspiration– Kshitigarba
Reverence — Sadhaparibhuta

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