Dharma Talks / Six Mantras of True Love

Sr Diệu Nghiêm

In this opening talk of the 2017 Summer Retreat, Sr. Dieu Nghiem invited us to try the magic of uttering six mantras of love, in our own language.

These began with: “Darling, I am here for you.”

How often are we truly present, in body and in mind, for the ones we love? We are carried away by busy-ness, wanting to offer security to our loved ones. But we forget that the most precious gift we can offer is our presence.

Many of us are caught in the internet because it is a source of information. Glued to a screen, we hardly look up when our loved one calls to us. Yet right here is a source of information, flesh and blood.

To be present for another, we need to first be present for ourselves. We learn to listen to ourselves, to our wounded child who has been crying out for our attention.

A wonderful way to practise being present is walking meditation. With each step, we pause, to arrive fully in the here and now. I have arrived. I am home.

We are here because someone has supported us to be here. When we are present, we become aware of this. We are grateful for everyone and everything that has come together to support us. Have you noticed that suddenly, the birds are singing for us? The flower is blooming for us? Where there is gratitude, suffering is softened.

Therefore, the second mantra is: “I know you are there, and I am so happy.”

The third mantra: “I know you suffer. I am here for you.”

The fourth mantra: “Darling, I suffer, please help.”

The fifth mantra: “This is a happy moment.”

The sixth mantra: “You are partly right.”

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