Dharma Talks / The Art of Happiness

Sr Hội Nghiêm

This Dharma Talk was recorded in Lower Hamlet on 10th August 2023 during our Day of Mindfulness.

The Art of Cultivating Happiness and Peace through Mindfulness

0:28: 🙏 Practicing mindfulness in daily activities to cultivate happiness and peace.
• 0:28: Starting the day with mindful breathing and smiling
• 4:41: Embracing all states of mind with mindfulness without judgment
• 6:35: Recalling joyful memories to bring happiness in the present moment

18:16: 🌿 Continuous learning and mindfulness in daily life leads to true happiness.
• 19:17: Learning to make tea to discover the importance of patience and continuous practice.
• 23:45: Humility and openness to learning are essential for personal growth and understanding.
• 27:21: Mindfulness in daily activities enhances the experience of the present moment.

28:49: ☕ Mindfulness helps us to find peace and clarity, enabling better decision-making and reducing suffering.
• 29:08: Avoid being carried away by thoughts and worries by concentrating on the act of drinking tea.
• 31:42: Disconnect from phones and external distractions to fully immerse in the present moment
• 34:17: Stopping and concentrating on one object like tea or breathing can lead to inner peace and clarity of mind.

37:15: 🧐 Embracing joy and peace in decision-making, mindfulness, and practice for sustained happiness.
• 37:15: Embrace decision-making with both pros and cons, as each choice holds good aspects.
• 42:01: Cultivate faith in the practice to navigate strong emotions and maintain calmness.

45:31: 💪 Practices for maintaining physical and mental health to cultivate happiness.
• 45:31: Regular exercise brings joy and peace, leading to consistency.
• 46:02: Mindfulness, concentration, insight, faith, and diligence are essential for peaceful living.
• 55:57: Consistent daily practice is key to maintaining physical and mental well-being.

1:05:21: 🧘‍♂️ Practicing mindfulness to achieve balance in body and mind for lasting happiness.
• 1:06:03: Focus on letting go of ideas and suffering to cultivate inner peace.
• 1:10:22: Be mindful of unhealthy mental habits like anger, hatred, and overthinking.
• 1:14:07: Use mindful breathing to calm the mind and embrace negative emotions with peace.

1:16:23: ❤️ Importance of self-care and nurturing joy, love, and understanding in raising children for a peaceful and joyful life.
• 1:17:32: Raising children should involve offering them spiritual guidance and understanding.
• 1:19:01: Our energy impacts our loved ones, emphasizing the importance of self-care.

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