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I am told to take care of the garden left to me by my ancestors.
A garden always has beautiful trees and others that are not so healthy.
That is the reason why we have to take good care of it.
You are my garden,
and I know that I should practice as a gardener.
I have seen an old, untended garden,
where the cherry and peach trees

still bloom wonderfully and always in time.

[From Thich Nhat Hanh’s poem: You are my garden]

Plum blossom in the garden of Tu Hieu Root Temple

At dawn on January 23, seven young women and four young men entered the “Tropical Almond” family of novices. The ceremony was witnessed by over 400 Plum Village monks and nuns, making it one of the largest novice ordinations in Plum Village history.

The new novices belong to the 44th generation of Linji lineage, and the 10th generation of the Lieu Quang Dharma line. In honor of Thay, the novice monks carry the word “Nhat” and the novice nuns the word “Hanh” in their names.

The new novices’ names, in order of ordination are:

  • Brother Chân Nhất Trú (True Oneness of Dwelling)
  • Sister Chân Mật Hạnh (True Continuous Action)
  • Sr. Chân An Hạnh (True Peaceful Action)
  • Sr. Chân Hiếu Hạnh (True Filial Action)
  • Sr. Chân Lập Hạnh (True Established Action)
  • Br. Chân Nhất Âm (True One Sound)
  • Sr. Chân Quán Hạnh (True Contemplative Action)
  • Sr. Chân Đoan Hạnh (True Solemn Action)
  • Sr. Chân Khánh Hạnh (True Joyful Action)
  • Br. Chân Nhất Lạc (True Oneness of Happiness)
  • Br. Chân Nhất Giới (True Oneness of Precepts)

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