Planetary Tea Time with the Earth Holder Communities

Dear Friends,

We are very happy to invite you to the second free Planetary Tea Time on March 18th, 2023! On March 18th the Planetary Tea Time, we will celebrate the the treasures offered from the Zen and the Art of Saving the Planet online course. We will be joined by teachers from the new course: Brother Phap Dung, Sister Peace, Anh Tran (Nho), and Felipe Viveros. Whether you are living in Europe, Africa, the Americas, or Asia, you are all warmly invited to join this online gathering!

The call will be at 4pm CET/ Paris time, 8am PT/ Los Angeles, 10 am COT/Bogota, and 10pm Vietnam time.

(Meeting ID: 819 7878 1331)

Our facilitator for the gathering, Br. Phap Dung, has asked that we all bring tea to the call so we can enjoy a cup (or a pot!) of tea together to start the sitting session. Br. Phap Dung shares with us:

“I practice sitting in my room drinking tea with the spirit of our teacher, my father, or any of my fellow monastics, by myself with a candle lit and some sage incense perfuming the air.I enjoy this especially more on lazy mornings when we do not have morning sitting, so I can spend a lot more time enjoying this practice.”

Please bring a cup of tea (or other non-alcoholic, non-sugary beverage of your choice) and join us for a joyful free 2-hour online gathering co-hosted by the Earth Holder Community, Abrazadores de la Tierra and Gardien-nes de la Terre. There will be interpretation offered in 3 languages with several continents coming together for a guided practice from Br. Pháp Dung and panel sharing from Zen and the Art of Saving the Planet faculty members: Brother Pháp Dung, Sister Peace, Anh Tran (Nho), and Felipe Viveros.

We look forward to sharing with you about Zen and the Art of Saving the Planet as well as the upcoming “Love is Freedom” – Global Earth Retreat on mindful ecosocial justice (June 16th- June 23rd, 2023). 

We hope you will share some tea with us!

The Earth Holder Community,
Abrazadores de la Tierra,
and Gardien-nes de la Terre

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