Thay’s 92nd Birthday

October 10, 2018

Dear Friends,

As we celebrate Thay’s 92nd continuation day on 11th October, we would like to take this opportunity to share with you how our beloved Teacher has been doing.

After spending time recuperating in San Francisco in 2015, and then from January to December 2016 at home in Plum Village in France, Thay requested to travel to Thailand, to join his monastic students at our large monastery near Khao Yai National Park. Since that time, Thay has been nourished by the joy and youthfulness of over two hundred monastics at Thai Plum Village. In the warm and tropical climate, and surrounded by his young students, Thay has been able to continue on his path of healing, while also offering his presence to support his beloved young community’s strength and growth. In Thailand Thay has the opportunity to receive world-class healthcare from both Eastern and Western specialists. We are deeply grateful to Thay’s “doctors sangha” who have been caring for Thay with immense generosity, love and respect; and also to all the many specialists in acupuncture and oriental medicine who have offered their skills and expertise.

As part of his birthday celebrations, Plum Village nuns offered Thay and the community a beautiful dance.

As is to be expected for someone so advanced in age recovering from a major stroke, there are times when Thay’s health is stronger, and other times when it is weaker. On good days, Thay is able to eat several small meals a day and join the sangha for walking meditation in his wheelchair, or perhaps participate in a formal meal in the meditation hall, eating with great concentration, dignity and presence. When he is with the sangha, Thay will often gesture, bright-eyed, to remind us to enjoy listening to the sound of the birds, or with a gentle smirk he will point to his mouth to remind us to smile. On good days, Thay has been able to offer his solemn presence and witness at ordination ceremonies, or his joyful presence at festivals, watching his students perform songs, skits and dances. Even with his health challenges, Thay never wants to miss big sangha events. He insisted on being present for the premiere of the "Walk With Me" documentary in Bangkok (where he directed the sangha buy large quantities of popcorn), and he also insisted on travelling with the monastics to be present as they led a large retreat for families at Wang Ree Resort in Thailand.

Although Thay has still not been able to speak since his stroke, he delights in joining in when the sangha sings Plum Village songs and, when he has the strength, continues to diligently train himself to form words. Whenever his health permits, Thay trains eagerly with his physiotherapy exercises, and smiles a smile of victory whenever he is able to stand on his own two feet without any help. The nerves in his right leg are now active all the way to his foot. Although there are still some days when Thay is unable to eat or drink, and he rests deeply in his bed, as soon as his energy is restored he eats a lot, as though making up for the days he couldn't eat. Overall, we are happy to say that, since the last two years of following a special diet, Thay's digestive system has been strengthened and restored.

Thay enjoying walking meditation with the sangha in Thai Plum Village.

The sangha can feel Thay’s supportive and nurturing presence, always keeping a teacher's keen eye on our practice and endeavours, urging us forward, and encouraging us to continue to enjoy the wonders of life, to advance in our practice, to grow and to serve. Thay's continued presence in our midst has been a great gift and a huge source of energy and support for our community.

Thay makes it known when he would like to nourish himself with nature, and at one point directed his attendants to take him out for a few days by the ocean. Thay enjoyed spending time relaxing on the warm sand, and a young monk held him so he could immerse himself fully in the refreshing, salty water. Thay spent hours listening to the waves and watching the vast ocean and distant horizon. It is a great teaching for all of us to witness Thay enjoying his life so deeply despite the physical adversity he is encountering.

Since Thailand is not far from Vietnam, it has been possible for venerable monks and nuns from Vietnam to travel over to pay their respects to Thay and spend time drinking tea, sharing meals, recalling fond memories and reciting poetry. Many of these venerables are friends and students of Thay who have supported him in difficult moments, in particular when Thay was calling for peace during the Vietnam War. Thay treasures these visits very much. Indeed, last year (in August 2017), Thay was determined to make his own visit to Vietnam, and although it was extremely complex and challenging to organise such a trip, he could not be dissuaded. As soon as he learned that arrangements were in place, he was filled with energy and enthusiasm. Thay was determined to pay his respects at his ancestral shrine in his homeland and at our lineage's Root Temple in Huế, Chùa Từ Hiếu, where Thay is still abbot, and where his students, Plum Village monks and nuns, continue to live and practice. Thay entered Từ Hiếu temple like a monk coming home. With deep concentration and presence, he chose to visit each altar one by one to solemnly bow and offer incense. After directing his attendants to lead him on a tour of the half-moon pond, and visiting the favorite spots he had loved as a young novice, he chose to leave, as simply as he had come.

Dear friends, Thay always reminded us to practice looking at our loved ones with the eyes of “signlessness”. We see Thay still with us in his physical body, teaching us with his great courage, dignity, strength and compassion. And we see Thay still with us in his teaching body—the living Dharma—expressed not only in all his books and talks, but also in the ways his message continues to resonate around the world, an inspiration for countless people in countless walks of life. Thay is also continued in his Sangha body, his community - comprising over 700 monks and nuns, thousands of members of the Order of Interbeing, and tens of thousands of practitioners who follow the Five Mindfulness Trainings and nourish their practice at local sanghas in cities around the world. It is a great fortune that Thay transmitted the Dharma Lamp to hundreds of monastic and lay teachers, and it is a great happiness that today they are helping Thay’s teachings to shine brightly a little bit everywhere.

Now, more than ever, these teachings are needed, and we are grateful for each of you continuing Thay’s love, wisdom, peace and courage in your corner of the planet. We hope that you can join us in our monasteries or at our external retreats in the coming year as we continue Thay’s legacy together. And we hope that you can be nourished by following our Dharma talks online, in particular the talks of the Autumn Rains Retreat in Plum Village, exploring The Fourteen Mindfulness Trainings more deeply. We invite you to consider making a concrete commitment in your practice that you would like to offer as a gift to Thay. Perhaps a promise to take every step in mindfulness from your front door to the car (one of Thay’s favorites), or to introduce a new habit to protect and care for Mother Earth (like eating vegetarian a certain number of days per month). You can share these commitments in the comments below. This is a wonderful way Thay’s birthday can help invigorate and inspire our collective practice.

We are profoundly grateful for your presence, your practice, and for the much-needed resource support you continue to offer our monasteries as places of learning and refuge. Your generous donations to the Thich Nhat Hanh Foundation make it possible for us to continue to keep Thay’s teachings and legacy alive and relevant for generations to come. We thank you.

Thay was amused to receive a statue of himself as a birthday gift during celebrations in Thai Plum Village on the 7th and 8th October 2018. Over 500 people gathered for a weekend retreat in his honor.


Happy continuation day, dear Thay. And happy continuation day to all your continuation bodies.

With love and trust,

The Monks and Nuns of Plum Village

AT HOME IN THE WORLD, published in 2016, is a unique collection of autobiographical and teaching stories drawn from Thay’s own life. It contains inspiring stories from his childhood in rural Vietnam, his years as a teenaged novice, his time as a young teacher and writer in war torn Vietnam, and accounts of his travels around the world teaching mindfulness, making pilgrimages to sacred sites, and meeting world leaders. In this book, we can see that Thay's own life is itself a powerful teaching, and continues to be so. Happy reading!

Just a simple monk!

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191 comments on “Thay’s 92nd Birthday
  1. Cinda says:

    Namaste and Pranam, Dear Master Hanh,

    Happiest Birthday, all year long.

    Celebrating 92 years around the Sun!

    All blessings and love and prayers for continued healing and good health.

    This earth is better because you are here

    Deep appreciation and gratitude, to you and all those who take care of you!

    Love and Respect,

    Cinda Mayatri

    ~ I will continue to practice mindful breathing, and chanting of mantras


  2. nanee says:

    Om Mani Padme Hum

    dearest Thay

    you are & will forever BE a true Blessing for Mother Earth and all sentient beings .
    in deep gratitude
    and Love

  3. Compassionate Giving of the Heart says:

    Dearest Beloved Teacher Thay,
    I rejoice at each moment of enjoyment you are receiving in your continuing.
    We are asked to make a concrete gift of a practice commitment to you in celebration, and I offer these small gifts of my love for my dear teacher.
    I re-commit to my daily recitation of the 5 Mindfulness Trainings as a refreshment of the original transmission you gave to us on that day.
    I commit to working harder at nourishing joy through the struggle with my own overwhelming illnesses and hardships and will look to you as a role model of mindfulness and grace through acceptance.
    I know it will give me great joy to return to my recitations, and hope my small gift of renewed practice will bring you happiness.
    With much love and gratitude I wish you continued improvements to your health. <3

  4. Nina says:

    Dear Thay. The world is a better place with your Spiritual Wisdom and Loving, Compassionate Heart. Thank you for your teachings which will remain in the hearts of many. May all the egoic grasping and suffering of this world be transmuted into Loving Kindness, Peaceful Co-existence and Compassion for all Living Beings. May we realise the Oneness of everything. THANK YOU.

  5. Liliuna says:

    Happy continuation day Beautiful Thay.

    Thank you so much for all you have given to us. What you have given to us is a gift beyond all measure. There are not even words enough to thank you for the beauty, and love, and compassion, and understanding that you have brought into our hearts, and minds. You have taught us to look deeply into all things. You have taught us the joy of interbeing, and freedom. You have given us the seeds of liberation to end our ignorance, and awaken to the truth. You have kindly and compassionately taught us how to be free of ignorance and delusion, if we choose to. You have taught us how to see the world through the eyes of interbeing, and stand firmly in emptiness, that is full of everything. You have given us the key to be the masters of our own minds, like water reflecting. You have taught us how to handle our emotions, to be solid and unmoving. You have saved us during times of trouble. You planted the seeds in our hearts and minds that would bloom over time.

    You are a gift to the world dear Thay. May you be blessed on your continuation day. May you have strength, and joy, and healing. May you have the love, and mindfulness, and wakefulness, of the sangha.

    Thank you with all of my heart forever and for always, for the seeds that you have given, and continue to give us every day. You have had so much patience with us, caring for us all, so much care, as though we are all your children. You spent your whole life just showing us the way out of suffering. I am forever grateful. I am an imperfect practitioner, but there is not a day that goes by, that I don’t have some mindfulness or some deep looking, and I always know that is one of your continuations. I see you everywhere dear Thay every day.

    I love you so much dear Thay. I love the sangha. I am forever grateful. May our practice ripen, and our gratitude, and wakefulness, be our gift to you. May we practice step by step, breath by breath, every moment of every day. May we always strive to begin anew, no matter how many times it takes. May we work diligently to walk in truth. May we work, and strive, to be the continuations of mindfulness, and wakefulness, and compassion, and emptiness. I will always remember that when I have the smile, and my practice is free of struggle, that I am practicing correctly. Thank you for giving us the gift, and wisdom, of how we can be an island unto ourselves. Your gifts are beyond measure. There is no unit to measure or quantify a gift such as this.

    Happy continuation day dear respected and beloved Thay

    Namo Tassa Bhagavato Arahato Samma Sambuddhassa

  6. Thea Davidson says:

    Dear Thay-
    All I need to do is think of your face and it brings a smile to mine. :)
    Happy Continuation Day- xo

  7. Dearest Teacher Thai!

    What joy I feel reading about how you find beauty, truth, and wisdom in the “little things of life.” It reminded me of my Mom, who was in nursing care for many years. She did not know us – her rampunctious kids – and didn’t use our names. But imagine this… a nurse noted that when the group of patients had singing Mom would clap, tap her knees and even sing. They asked Mom if she would like to help lead the community singing of all those precious songs of youth, e.g., “Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer do” “East side, west side, all around the town,etc.” This process caused Mom to smile and I truly believe it affirmed for her how precious she is.

  8. Brother Quang Vodinh says:

    Happy continuation day, Su Ong, I always missed the date. But better late than never. We love you my teacher and we will continue you with our best efforts. Thank you for being there, we know that you are always there and we are very happy. Con Quang

  9. David Bakotich says:

    Happy continuation day Thay. We have never met, but through your book The Miracle of Mindfulness, you have been my teacher. I wish you speedy recovery and make you this promise. I will love my wife in mindfulness, all the days of her life and I will wash the dishes to wash the dishes.

  10. Erin Louise says:

    Happy continuation day, Thay! You have been a wonderful presence in my life offering Buddhas teaching through your books and videos. I have many times given your books as gifts, knowing what a gift they have been to me.

    I will offer a practice that I read about on the Plum Village website, I will pause twice an hour and engage in mindfulness of breathing when I work on my computer. I will also eat a plant-based diet two days a week.

  11. Marion says:

    Dear Thay,

    Your presence resonates in my daily practice, resonating with the wonders of life.
    Your teachings have helped me profoundly and therefore those around me.

    I bow to the smile of you …

  12. Yan Hong Eng says:

    I thank you deeply and appreciate your love for the beings Thay.
    I wish to see you in person soon.
    Shall i go Pak Chong and see you ib Thai Plum Village dear teacher?
    My WeChat id 01120578427 please lemme know what to do from now.
    Thank you from my whole core self
    With Metta and unshakeable confidence on your guidance
    Hong Eng Tan E

    • Chanh Niem says:

      Dear Hong Eng Tan E,

      Thank you for your message. If you would like to go to Thai Plum Village please visit their facebook page: or their website:, where you can see upcoming retreats and information about how to register etc. You are very welcome to come and practice with us. We thank you for your practice and your metta.

      The Plum Village Web Team

  13. Laureen says:

    Dear Thay. I send you my gratitude for every step of peace you make every day. I walk with you and with the flourishing community you have sown. Together we are one. Laureen

  14. Wonderful Mindful Living of the Heart says:

    Dear respected Thay, Teacher, Path Finder, Explorer of Inner and Outer Space,

    I bow with gratitude. I smile and send a heart full of both mud and lotus to you, inseparable and essential.

    Your continuation day brings great joy and inspiration to all of us around the globe as well as those of us no longer walking Mother Earth. I dedicate to you my awareness that there is no Way to Peace, Joy and Transformation. Peace, Joy and Transformation are the Way. I will continue to nurture this insight and practice in my daily life, in honor of your 92nd year celebration. And so I will be celebrating with you with every step.

    Thank you thank you thank you, and thank you to the monks and nuns that inspire and teach us so powerfully.

  15. As I mindfully walk upon our mother Earth I think of Thay. He has given me so much to think of every day and I have come to a realisation that everything is irrelevant and this has taught me to find happiness from within and that it cannot be found from external sources. Happy Belated Continuation day and it would be a divine pleasure to meet such a compassionate soul one day.

  16. Shah Alamgir says:

    Happy continuation day Dear Thay

    I first came to know you while randomly browsing in youtube for some mindfulness/meditations videos. I was very grateful and humble that I came to know you at my early 40s. My words can’t describe anything. Since then I always either watch your talks or read your books, perhaps the same video again and again. Your voice is so peaceful, so calm, I just keep listening all the time.

    My continuations
    • Refrain from meat
    • Keep practicing mindfulness in every aspects of my life, i.e. eating, walking, sitting, listening and talking

    I’m very grateful and humble to get this opportunity. Thank you Thay.

  17. Nani V says:

    Most dear and respectée Maestro. You came when i call you and hold my hands with your words with such love and compassion that i was able to walk a Little bit more. I offer my happines to you. You Brighten our Life, our hearts, and i Will continue filling your saoul forever as part of us. Thank you thank you thank you. I Will be leasening to your wisdom love as a humble beeng… So greatfull and happy. Thank you Thay. Thank you to all the people on The Shanga that make possible this Space to seat à little closer to you by the river of thoghts and clear waters

  18. Julie says:

    Thank you for teaching me mindfulness walking and being grounded.

  19. Ingrid says:

    Beloved Thay,
    Thank you for al your inspirering words.
    Thank you for being a light. When I read a few words of you, or just see your picture, my heart always opens and start to glow again.
    Thank you

  20. Jutta Koch says:

    Beste Thai, door jou lessen zijn rust en vrede in mijn mijn leven gekomen.
    Bedankt vanuit heel mijn hart.

  21. Dearest Thay, Your love and your wisdom and your presence and your teachings have opened my heart and my mind, and enabled me and those I work with to suffer much less. I will continue to practice so that I may continue your love, wisdom, peace and courage in my life.

  22. Wilma Hamer says:

    Dear respected Thay,

    Praying for your good health.
    Thank you for all your teachings, books and inspiration.

    (You’ve saved me in a sad time in my life)
    Cannot express my gratitude, thank you thank you thank you!!!

  23. Saskia Barink says:

    Dear Thay

    Thank you so much for bringing wisdom and light in my world. I will practice to be and to enjoy in the moment, hear and respect the child in me and I will not eat meat during 7 days each month. Next year we will come to Plum Village, France.

  24. Heidi says:

    Dear Thay,
    Happy continuation! I send you my love, gratitude and deep respect.
    My commitment is breathing mindfully when difficult emotions come up.
    With a smile

  25. Claire Street says:

    Beloved Thay – your beautiful and compassionate teachings have saved my life, several times!! I will make a commitment to eat more mindfully – something that has recently left me. A forthcoming move to France means that I will be able to visit Plum ullage for the first time – what joy. Thank you, dearest Thay for bringing profound kindness and loving simplicity into my life..xxxx

  26. Dear Thay, thank you, thank you, thank you.

  27. Mike Casey says:

    The Heart of the Buddha’s Teaching helped me start on the Dharma path and recovery from alcoholism. Two years later, I am so grateful for your loving service to people around the world, dear Thay. Also grateful to have found a sangha in my town to practice the mindfulness trainings with. The ripples of your work have spread so far, and you are so loved. Happy continuation day to you :)

  28. Innate Beauty of the Heart says:

    Enjoying my breathing with you!

  29. Josie says:

    Happy Belated Continuation Day my old friend. I have been vegetarian for 18 years, and vegan for 8 of those, nonstop. I offer for the benefit of all beings all the meals, of all the days of all those years, and every day for the rest of my life I promise you I will be vegan. Breathing in and breathing out I have been your silent student, having never met, with devotion for all those years. May any merit made by me in my practice be offered to all beings everywhere. May they be peaceful, happy, and free. Much love to my dear teacher Thay.

    • Lorna Flanagan says:

      Beautiful words Josie. I resonate with each one. I only wish I’d found this great man earlier in my life.

  30. Francesca says:

    Happy Continuation Day Thay…You are, and have always been a great inspiration to me. My dream is that one day, we meet. May you be well, happy and peaceful.

  31. Margaret Sloan says:

    Dear Thay, Dear Sangha,
    Happy continuation day! We are all deeply touched and blessed by your teaching, and send you light and love. Glad you are continuing to heal and be nourished! Your life truly is the message, and I thank you for that message. It inspires and enriches me all the time, and I “pay it forward” in as many ways as I can.

    With gratitude, mindfulness, smiles, and love,

  32. Jigisha says:

    Happy continuation day,Thay….. I am greatful for your wonderful teaching and understanding for mindfulness.I am reading your books and watching you on YouTube, and learning many things like different types of meditation. I like to visit Plum village . My good wishes for your health!!💐

  33. Judith Kneen says:

    Happy continuation day dear Thay,
    Listen listen to the sound of the bell 🛎. This sound carries for me and so many the true message of your compassionate wisdom over the many years your presence has been a light into all our lives. May this light continue to shine in our hearts and thru our daily actions.
    Namaste 🙏

    • Nelke says:

      Dear dear Thay, you are such an inspiration and example of how to celebrate life despite discomfort and ageing. Embrace the miracle of our existence. Thank you and all the monks and nuns for keeping us informed on how you are doing.

  34. Dick Allen says:

    Thank you for so much for all that you have shown me, I will concentrate more on bringing mindfulness to my body as it seems to be a weak part of my practice

  35. Deborah says:

    Happy continuation day, Thay. You are my inspiration and I dedicate a commitment to mindful driving to you.

  36. Judy says:

    You are instrumental to my being on the path. Thank you.

  37. William Newton says:

    Dear Thay I will never forget how I first heard of you while watching your interview with Oprah , your words so softly spoken striking deep into my heart,your child like Innocence pouring forth from within showed that you where the real deal.
    Your message of mindfulness is never more relevant than now as you welcome 92 years on this Earth , and the emotion I feel as I learn of your stroke.
    It is a journey dear Thay and as you say if we are not mindful of every second it disappears in a blur.
    Sending you love , light, Gratitude, as you recover on your continuation day.
    I promise to try and live as a vegetarian , watching a truck load of animals and the fear you see in their eyes as they head to slaughter, to try to help stop this suffering in some small way Namaste William

  38. loving respect of the heart says:

    Dear Thay,
    Sorry for posting this message too late. I wish you blessings and happiness for your continuation day! Thank you so much for your loving kindness, compassion, wisdom and beautiful teachings. It is so inspiring and above all practical! It touches me deeply. I promise you to practice the five mindfulness trainings every day for the rest of my life.
    With deep respect,wishing you love

  39. Jack Medrana says:

    Dear Thay,
    I may not have met you personally but to me you are a strong inspiration. Thank you for all your words of wisdom and love.
    Happy, happy birthday!

    Warmest greetings from Manila,

  40. Miaoshu says:

    Dear respected Thay:
    l promise from now on I won’t say bad words about others deliberately and won’t complain about anyone or anything.
    I promise I’ll walk or eat mindfully at least 10 minutes a day.
    I’m so happy to read that Thay is still teaching us in his way. Happy continuation day. It is so wonderful to offer this kind of present for him and for ourselves. Thank you so much, compassionate Thay.

  41. Xiao Die says:

    Dear Thay,

    You said that the best present for you is a little promise that will last all my life. So dear Thay, I promise that, from now on, I will keep reading books mindfully at least 20 mins everyday,no matter where I am in the world, no matter busy or not.

    That’s the gift for my dear teacher. Happy Continuation day!

  42. Tim Kay says:

    Dear Thay, blessings and joy on this 92nd continuation! I very much enjoyed hearing from brothers and sisters about your recent activities and travels. So wonderful to see the pictures. The teaching is so important to me. Thank you. I will continue to practice and take up being mindful walking from my front door to the car 🌼. Warmest wishes my dear Thay.


  43. True Stream of Compassion says:

    On Thay’s continuation day, con Chân Lưu Từ would like to take this opportunity to offer a song, lyric and music from Thay, as my deep gratitude to Thay and Plum Village Sangha. May Thay will be fully recovered and Sangha is always solid on the path.

  44. Terry Williamson (Cultivating Openess of the Heart) says:

    Dearest Thay,
    Happy Continuation Day from the Monments of Joy Sangha in Jackson, Mississippi. Thank you for your teachings and your presence as we seek to embody the Dharma. Many members of our Sangha have been blessed to experience the embodiment of the Dharma through the beautiful, happy practice of the brothers and sisters of Mangnolia Grove Monastery. Several of our members were even present for your visit there several years ago.

    Personally, I am so very blessed and happy to have found in our Sangha a spiritual home where I can experience the Dharma through sitting practice and Dharma Sharing twice each week. My great wish is to grow in the Dharma, embody it more each day, and cultivate its teachings of compassion and peace in our Sangha and in the broader community. All of this I owe to you, my teacher, my Thay.

    With love and peace,

    Cultivating Openess of the Heart

  45. Kaleigh Day says:

    I feel you in my heart. Thank you for being you, and giving me a gift I could never repay.

  46. Denis Collura says:

    With sincere appreciation and great warmth I wish for you, Master Thay, a beautiful Continuation Day! Your lucid, profound and inspired writings have become a treasured source of truth and joy in my life as it has for countless others. May the sun shine upon you always and energize your continued recovery.

  47. Vasanthi says:

    Happy Continuation Day, They. You are my inspiration.

  48. Elizabeth Faria says:

    O hear and taking in my heart you urging me to continue living in this world as peace-walking being, to proceed in continuo opening my eye-heartbto dhamma, to grow in dhamma and to serve.

    Your presence is a gift to all humans. In eternal gratitude.

  49. Mark Truman says:

    Happy day of continuation, Thay. I shall hold you and your community in my heart on my morning walks this week (and beyond). You have given me such inspiration and peace over the years that I’ve known you. Namaste

  50. Carol Rosenau says:

    Love and good wishes dear Thay on your Continuation Day and always. Namaste.

  51. stephanie benn says:

    Dear Thay,
    Happy Continuation Day. I am aware of your presence whenever I am mindful and remember that peace is possible in every action. Today, as I held a small autumn maple leaf and watched the children in my care embracing the earth in our little school garden, I felt immense gratitude for the many gifts I have received through your loving and tender words and your courageous practice.
    A deep bow to you,
    Steph Benn

  52. Pekka Turpeinen says:

    Step by Step. Breath by Breath. Thay is the wise teacher for all of us, anywhere here :-)

  53. Jim Henry says:

    Happy Continuation Day and another trip around the sun!

  54. Linda Baugh says:

    I commit to walking mindfully every morning to the mail center to retrieve mail, to taking 3 deep, mindful breaths before driving the car…..thank you, Thay. _/\_

  55. Wendy says:

    The Earth is forever transformed by all the hearts you have touched. Grateful for your beautiful teachings. May you be blessed with good health.

  56. Amélie Porcher-Davila says:

    Beloved Thay!
    Happy continuation! 
    92 lotuses for you!
    A smile and my deepest gratitude.

  57. Nam Martin Luu Quang says:

    Con cám ơn Thấy rất nhiều!!!

    I send you my strength and health!!!

  58. Michele Tae says:

    Happy Continuation Day, dear Teacher, dear Thay,

    You are in our hearts every day and you inspire our study, practice and joy in every moment.

  59. Ola says:

    Happy Continuation Day, dear Thay ❣
    With deep love, gratitude and joy, I send my best wishes for you on this beautiful day. Thank you ❣

  60. vo danh says:

    Dear Thầy

    Con chúc Thầy vượt qua cơn bệnh này. Con là vô danh và con chúc Thầy một ngày hôm nay và những ngày sau đều được an khang.

  61. Kathy Cosgrove says:

    Dearest Thay,
    Happy, joyful continuation day. Your love radiates around the world, teaching, helping and guiding us all. May you feel that warmth returning from us all, deeply, always….

  62. Baratosi Iosif-Gavril says:

    Happy Continuation Day,Dear Thay!

  63. I am so happy and grateful to have been able to get into touch with the Dharma in my life and Thay’s way of teaching in particular. And I am so honoured to humbly become a member of the Order of Interbeing Sunday next week in the EIAB. Thay greatly inspires me to transform my own suffering and to help other people to do the same.
    His life truly is the greatest teaching he could give.
    As I’m progressing on the Path I realize I still have many unwholesome seeds in myself. Therefore I vow to try to go back to my breathing and to softly smile whenever I notice a difficult situation is coming up. I am convinced that the only way to a healty and loving community -may it be in the workplace or leisure time- is to stay connected, to speak and act from a inner place of love and loving kindness.
    Thank you, Dear Sisters and Brothers!

  64. Kelly Bannister says:

    Since you have shared this gift of knowledge that one of Thay’s favorite practices is “to take every step in mindfulness from your front door to the car” then that shall be my gift for Thay’s 92 continuation day! Blessings to Thay. Thank you so much to the Sangha for this detailed update on Thay’s health and activities. I am deeply moved and inspired by his healing.

  65. Leslie T says:

    Thank you kindly for this update on The Most Venerable Thich Nhat Hanh.
    Happy Continuation Day, beloved, respected Thay! Many years ago, when scanning a friend’s bookshelves for a book to borrow my hand went to a binding that caught my eye. I was surprised by the title, so unlikely to be found on those particular shelves. “Where did this book come from?!” Oh, my friend’s daughter had left it there. The name of the book was ”The Heart of The Buddha’s Teaching”. Over the years, I’ve read that book and “Old Path White Clouds” so many times I’ve lost count. I’ve read some of your other books as well. Two of my favorite gathas are “Waking up this morning, I smile. Twenty-four brand new hours are before me. I vow to live fully in each moment, and look at beings with eyes of compassion.” and “I have arrived. I am home. Right here. Right now. In the present moment.” And of course the Noble Eightfold Path often informs my decisions and actions. Your teachings changed my life and my happenstance introduction to them still makes me smile.
    Words cannot express my gratitude for all you have contributed to me and all beings. I aspire to be considered one of your multitudes of continuations. Forever and always you will be in my heart.

  66. Dennis says:

    Happy Continuation Day! I will practice and be mindful of my cravings and aversions. May all sentient beings be happy and well. ❤️🙏

  67. Dennis says:

    Happy continuation day! May you be well and happy. I will watch over my cravings and adversions and be mindful of them. May all living beings be well and happy too! ❤️🙏

  68. Matt Mumber says:

    Dear Thay,
    happy continuation day…
    thank you for teaching me to enjoy my breath…

  69. Àngela says:

    Estimat i respectat mestre That. Molt feliç dia de continuació. Gràcies per la teva existència, la teva presència, el teu mestratge de vida i els teus ensenyaments sublims, profunds i senzills. Amb Amor i Respecte.

    Dear and respected Master Thay. Very happy continuation day. Thank you for your existence, your presence, your mastery of life and your sublime teachings, deep and simple. With Love and Respect.

  70. NELLY P CANGUCU says:

    Happy Continuation day, dear Thay!! You will be forever in my life, in each step. Thanks for giving us the presence of Plum Village community!

  71. Jett Keyser says:

    Beautiful guiding light…Oh yes…and Thank you…

  72. Joanna Baker says:

    Happy continuation day dear Thay. Thank you for your wisdom and compassion.

    • Elayne berda cohen says:

      Thank you for this touching up to date sequence of Thays life.
      Every day I enjoy the beautiful teachings of the breath every mindful step
      Thank you Thay for all you have given us
      With every breath and every step I wish to share the light here in Jerusalem
      92 lotuses
      true deep faith

  73. Jan says:

    Thank you Thay! How many lives have been brightened by the solace in your words? Bless you Blessed One! And many more happy days to you .💖

  74. Ying Studebaker says:

    Dear Thay: Happy Continuation Day! Your effort and mindful healing process are amazing and your striving of making the best of life is inspiring. Thank you for your wholehearted teaching of peace to the world even in challenging times. With peaceful heart that I cultivate from your teaching, I wish you the best on your healing path.

  75. gopa mukherjee says:

    My dear Thay,
    Happy continuation day. I am so happy you are there for us. Your life and practice is such a joy and inspiration to me. Thank you so much my dear teacher.

  76. Patty Lin says:

    Dear Thay,

    I read “Old Path, White Clouds” for the first time more than 20 years ago. Since then, I have read and cherished so many of your books. You and your teachings have changed my life. I would like to take this opportunity to pay my respect and express my deep gratitude to you. I was very much moved reading this update on your health. It was an article written with so much love about a great teacher, who embodies Peace and Compassion. I know you will always be there in every beautiful thing I see and every peaceful moment I enjoy. Happy Continuation!

  77. Cristina says:

    Happy continuation
    dancing a tango for you, xx

  78. Lina Bolivar says:

    Dear Thay,

    A piece of you will forever live in me. Although we have never seen each other physically, you are my teacher and I am your student. I send my purest love from Colombia South America. On your continuation day I offer you this commitment: I will let go every instant of my ambitions; I will say goodbye to the sick pursuit of attaining the external conditions that I think are necessary for my happiness. I will dwell here with no expectations.



  79. Barbara says:

    Happy continuation day, dear Thay.
    I smile with you on this 11th Day of October 2018 and all other days.
    I’m sending you Love and Gratitude for teaching me how to Walk, Relax, Love
    and to maintain the HERE and NOW through mindfulness of the breath.

    With love and gratitude

  80. Janice Solek-Tefft says:

    Happy Continuation Day Dear Thay,

    Your Compassion and Mindfulness inspire my life and enable me to be one with you and all Sentient beings. I am forever grateful.

  81. Barbara and Raymond says:

    Happy Continuation Dear Thay !!!

    Thank you for your precious presence, your smile and your teachings.

    While practising walking meditation I often look at your photo and imagining to walk with you, for me it is a way to be in contact with you and the Sangha and try to walk mindfully.

    Since last year my husband and I have been vegetarian after we took the commitment at Plum Village during the Cooking retreat at New Hamlet and some days we are trying to be vegan.

    With Love and Happiness

    Barbara and Raymond

  82. Glenn Shocket says:

    Dear Thay,

    Happy continuation day 🎂!

    I found your practice just a short time ago and have had so much pleasure watching your Dharma talks online. You are truly a treasure of the Dharma. The mindful breathing exercises proposed by the Buddha have helped me so much, now I try to look at and listen to people deeply with compassion. To enjoy every moment with my beloved ones. What I will try and commit to is taking nothing for granted. I am a novice and have along way to go to transform my suffering but now I have hope thanks to you. You are an inspiration to us all and the world! 🙏🏻

    Dear Sangha,

    Thanks so much for the update on Thay! It was beautifully written in such a way that it’s easy to see Thay in you, which is the best compliment anyone can hope to get in my opinion. I hope to one day visit Plum Village so I can deepen my practice. 🙏🏻

  83. Ariane says:

    Je suis heureuse de lire les bonnes nouvelles au sujet de la santé de Thay et heureuse de savoir qu’il va mieux et est toujours aussi entousiaste pour suivre ses activités.
    Je profite de me sentir privilegiée de le connaître a travers ses livres. Grâce a Thay j’ai appris a être une mandarine, un arbre, un pas, laver ma vaisselle et être conciente .
    Je vous souhaite un Joyeux Anniversaire entouré d’amour et de la nature.

  84. Christian Tuebke says:

    Dear Thay, it is most impressive how you demonstrate what you teach. Bodhidharma said that Buddhas teach from mind to mind without bothering about definitions and so do you….
    I promise to continue to practice for you and the Sangha. With greates love and respect, Christian

  85. Núria S. says:


  86. Mariaanne says:

    Dear Thay,

    Happy Continuation day . We are very pleased to hear of your improving health and wish you and the sangha in Thailand continued happiness and well being. I feel very grateful to have been present at your many dharma talks over the years, both in Plum Village and abroad. Our family has benefited hugely from your teachings. There is still much room for improvement in our daily practice but your words, wisdom and compassion, reminds us that we must always try to reach for our better selves.

    A lotus for you.

    Marianne and family.

  87. Iris says:

    Dear Thay, I will drink my hot beverage with mindfulness to it’s color, flavor, and smell, and how the cup feels in my hands, how the liquid feels as it enters my body. I will be aware of my steps from my front door to the car. In deep gratitude and appreciation from one little leaf on the tree.

  88. Adele Kieras says:

    Happy Continuation Day Dear Thay,
    Our Sangha is truly grateful for your teachings and living dharma.
    Many blessings

    • Aarti Awasthi says:

      Happy Birthday dear Thay

    • Barbara says:

      Happy continuation day, dear Thay.
      I smile with you on this 11th Day of October 2018 and all other days.
      I’m sending Love and Gratitude for teaching me how to Sit, Walk, Relax and Love and to maintain the Here and Now
      through mindfulness of the breath.

      With love and gratitude,

    • Francisco Sanchez says:

      I just started watching Walk With Me and it´s so inspiring just to see Thay´s serenity and dignity. I will continue to strive for mindfulness in everything I do and of course will always remain a vegan for the animals, the planet and my own health.

  89. Sandra Ploger says:

    Happy Continuation Day! One of the best days of my life was attending the screening of Walk With Me at the Rubin Museum in New York City and walking and meditating with the monks. I continue to strive toward living mindfully and will always be vegan. Thank you for sharing your wisdom. Peace.

  90. Peter Mirchandani says:

    Dear Thay,

    Thank you for all your wonderful and very wise teachings.

    Happy Continuation Day!

    I wish you peace and happiness, and I hope that you continue to feel better.

    You are a true Boddhisattva.

    A Lotus For You.


    I also would like to thank the Plum Village Community for letting us know how Thay is getting on, and continuing his inspirational work.

  91. Dear Thay, Your words “Peace is every Step” is indelibly written in my heart. I don’t recall exactly when I first connected with your teachings these many years ago; however, am feeling very blessed at having had the opportunity to participate in a walking and meditation program with you in Boulder Colorado one year. The Light you share is an inspiration for all on the path and wishing you Joy and Love as you continue on the journey home.

  92. Anna Horsnell says:

    Dear Thay, Happy Continuation Day. I feel as one with all those around the world wishing you well on this day. You have touched and changed my life. I am so grateful I was able to visit Plum Village last year and still feel the deep connection to the sangha there. I commit to continuing my half hour of sitting meditation each day and to also greeting each person I meet with a mindful smile and compassion in my heart. Thank you.

  93. Christina says:

    Dear Thay,
    Happy Continuation Day to you and thank you for being you and everything that you do. Your healing voice, gentle smile and calming soul has helped me during times of sadness. I pray you will recover more each day with strength and good health. Con cam on Thay 🙏🙏🙏

  94. Majidah Mariam says:

    With Gratitude, I shall remember to take a breath with you each day. I shall pray for peace and dwell in PEACE. I love you.

  95. Don Slaughter says:

    Dear Respected That,

    I will practice deep listening on a more regular basis. As you have said, sometimes a person isn’t listening, but is rather thinking about what will be said next.That hinders true communication.

    — Don Slaughter

  96. Margo McGeeney says:

    Dear Thay, the day I started to read The Sun My Heart was the beginning of a great awakening for me. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I wish you a beautiful birthday! Margo

  97. Claudia Baker says:

    Dear Thay,
    Your teachings have changed my life. I am going to be more mindful of your “favourite” mindfulness moments, walking from the front door to the car each day.

    Also thank you to the Sangha for this update on Thay. It is much appreciated.

    Thay, you are so loved! xo

  98. Clara Hernandez Plazas says:

    Feliz continuación querido y respetado Thay. Me encantaría comprometerme, para ser digna de tu continuación en mi práctica, pero seguramente con sólo practicar, practicar y practicar, ya esté en la senda.

    Traducción de Google:

    Happy continued beloved and respected Thay. I would love to commit myself, to be worthy of your continuation in my practice, but surely by just practicing, practicing and practicing, be on the path.

  99. Annie says:

    Happy Continuation Day, Thay! Wishing you peace and improved health. I am so very grateful to you for the wisdom you have shared and the peace your teachings have brought to my life. As a gift to you I pledge to be more consistent with my meditation and mindfulness practices. I saw you speak in London a few years ago and it was so lovely to see and hear your talk and to do the group meditation in Trafalgar Square. Namaste.

  100. Patricia Rodriguez says:

    Happy birthday Thay! Thank you for your perpetual gifts. ❤

  101. Dear Thay, dear sangha,
    thank you for the beautiful information you shared with us. Since the retreat in 2014 in the EIAB I continue my path as mindfully as I could. This morning I walked on a beautiful beach with white sand an wonderful blue water. I enjoyed my walk in the water, walking barefoot, feeling the freshness of the water, hearing the beautiful sound of the wave, feeling the breeze of air on my skin… Ich walked fully present and felt a deep connection to the whole sangha and my beloved teacher.
    Also I want to share that last month I started to share your teachings on mindfulness with a little group of children and young adults I built up a month ago. Soon we will start with the pebble meditation and they already “tasted” a bit of deep relaxation. They love the song breathing in, breathing out, too. Without your teachings I would have never been able to do so.
    Thank you so much for your presence and teachings, happy continuation day dear Thay!

  102. Loving Breath of the Heart says:

    Dear Thay, Happy Continuation Day.
    My commitment is to walk from my office to my class in peaceful awareness of the beautiful world and people around me.
    Thank you for your presence and teachings.
    Loving Breath of the Heart

  103. Alison Rowe says:

    Om mani padme hum
    Father Thay

  104. Giuseppe Cammarata says:

    Happy Continuation Day Master. May I devote my practice to you Master and all the Sangha. Your teachings made my life rich and meaningful. I’m so grateful. I commit to keep improving my practice under your guide for the benefit of all sentient beings and nature

  105. Nick says:

    Dear Thay,
    there does not exist a suitable method to express how grateful I am for the knowledge you have shared with all of us.

    Happy continuation day my dear Thay.

    There’s a lot of room for improvement in my life and i could easily think of 20 commitments that you would appreciate. But since taking mindful steps between my front door and car is your favourite, I will commit to mindful steps from my front door all the way to the bus stop. I do have a car but I also want to commit to only using it when I need it.

    Thank you so much for living the life you are living Thay.

    Big hug from Norway

  106. EILEEN TOMKINS says:

    May your Continuation Day be joyful, Thay, for it gives us great happiness to still be able to enjoy your physical presence. I am forever indebted to you because it was at one of your retreats in Rhinebeck many years ago that I first experienced a very deep peace. It came as an actual shock in one blow to my entire being. I fell into peace ……and it came more from merely being with you than even from your inspiring words. This is why I feel sure that your continued physical presence in your sanghas is of the utmost value to those who seek to learn from you. Sometimes when “doing” isn’t helpful, I decide to just “be” for as long as is necessary. My way of settling into “being” in that moment is to remember your profound peace at that retreat…….about 40 years ago. See how much life you have given me! There are no words to express my gratitude.

  107. Nelcy Orozco says:

    Dear Thai, I have seen your videos, reed some of your poems and books, just this year, and found lot of love, like never before. Thanks very much. Happy continuation day from Colombia.

  108. True Luminous Presence ~ says:

    Dear Beloved Thay, In eternal gratitude for your continuation guiding us daily, both in your lovely compassionate eyes and in your solid joyful community, my resolve is to start each day with the mantra – ‘One Action, Nhat Hanh’ and choose an action for that day to which I can bring my full mindfulness supported by your interbeing with each who practices the ways you teach. With an overflowing heart,

  109. Lis Cotter says:

    Happy continuation day beautiful Thay <3 Thank you for the update from Plum Village :-) <3 I recommend you use homeopathy to help with Thay's healing. Please give it a go <3 Homeopathy is powerful and could help Thay's recovery immensely.
    Thank you Thay for being the shining light and leading the way to my heart <3 I am very grateful

  110. Margaret Sciabica says:

    Dear That,
    Happy Continuation Day!
    I’m sending Gratitude for teaching me how to Eat, Sit, Walk, Relax, LOVE and to maintain The Here and Now through mindfulness of the breath.
    I smile with you on this 11th Day of October 2018. I love you and support you.
    Sincerely, Margaret

  111. Lady says:

    Happy Birthday Mr. Thich Nhat Hanh
    I hope you peace and good health.

  112. Helen says:

    Thich Nhat Hanh I wish you a happy Continuation day. Thank you dear Thay for everything. Thank you for make me more conscious. I have learned a lot from you and conscious breathing is now also my anchor

    • Rina says:

      Dear Thay, Dear Sangha,
      Happy Continuation Day. I will take five slow, mindful breaths with a smile each morning before prayer. And I will continue to write and illustrate mindful, fun poetry.

      • Jim Glaser says:

        Dear Thay
        Happy birthday- continuation day! Thank you
        for being a beacon of
        mindfulness for so many
        – and for me. a huge cloud
        of witnesses. Here is a poem
        for you

        In fear in difficulty
        simple breathing
        hands folded quietly
        over the abdomen
        holding caring
        Intentions of reaching
        that reach

  113. Alice Perez says:

    Dear, wonderful Thay,
    Happy continuation day! You have made a profound impact on my life.
    I am a Catholic girl, and have come to learn, thru your words and teachings, that we are all a wonder!
    I will comit to mindful walking in my backyard, as my gift to you.

    Thank you for your gift to me to live mindfully, which has led me to have compassion for the earth, all living things, and for my ancestors.

    Peace and joy,
    Alice Perez

  114. Mattie Luiijf says:

    Dank voor de update. Zo mooi te lezen dat Thay in Vietnam was. Dat hij intens van de zee en het warme zand genoot. Een mooie verjaardag gewenst🎉. Breathing in, I smile. Vreathing out, I feel at peace🌞

  115. Pat Buchanan says:

    Dear Thay, dear Sangha. Thank you for continuing so beautifully. 🙏🏽💓🙏🏽💓🙏🏽💓

  116. Pam says:

    Sending rays of sunshine and love to our beloved Thay on this special day!
    Thank you for the wisdom you share with us and the world.
    Love ❤

  117. Toni Widjaja says:

    Happy Continuation Day Thay…
    Thank you for continuing with us….
    Thank you for your presence, compassion and insight….

    Every morning when I walk slowly…
    I always invite you to enjoy the sky, the bird sing and the lovely mother earth…..and I fell you re there….
    We will always follow your every single peace step ..
    I bow in gratitude to you, our beloved teacher.

  118. Rich Porta “Peaceful Breathing of the Heart” says:

    Thank you, Thay for reminding me that I must always go to the Sangha. And that people will see my strength and my wisdoms. That I will never lose my mother and my father— that they are in evey cell of my being. That I must not compare myself to you. I can be “me” at the Sangha. Thank you for the beautiful caligraphies that remind me of the highest qualities in myself and thank you for the bells that remind me to go back to myself and my breathing and thank you for teaching me how to bring this gift to others. 🌸

  119. Hélène says:

    Happy continuation respected Thay
    With lot of gratitude
    True Earth of Peace

  120. Chân Lưu Từ says:

    Kính bạch Sư Ông,
    Con Chân Lưu Từ kính mong Sư Ông được khoẻ. Con xin đàn bài ảo Hoá, thơ và nhạc của Sư Ông để nói lên lòng tri ân của con đốii với Sư Ông và tăng đoàn Lành Mai.

  121. Brian Kimmel says:

    Respected Thay, Dear Sangha, My offering is Health-giving Music of the Heart, singing and dancing with sanghas internationally and writing, recording and performing music that enriches and inspires. Thank you for helping us all walk this beautiful path and for your dedication and guidance along the way.

  122. Teena Gill says:

    Dear Thay, dear teacher,
    Wishing you a Happy Continuation day. Your Dharma body will always be present with me.
    With deep respect,
    Teena Gill,
    Central Delhi Sangha

  123. The Irish Sangha says:

    Dear Thay. Thank you … thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all you have done, and will always continue to do, for so many around the world. Mo ghra thu. True love.

  124. Susan Terris says:

    Dear Thay, Happy Continuation Day. I aspire to continue you with each smile, by deep listening to someone who is suffering, by singing to connect with the breathing, by walking to my car after work, by sitting, by sharing myself with another person, and in silence as I feel the breathing in, out. So happy to connect with you inside of me. Best wishes for you, dear teacher, and for all of your sangha to thrive and continue.

  125. Gloria Seidler says:

    Happy and Beautiful Continuation Day, dear wise teacher.
    Wishing you increasing Joy!

  126. Rochelle Leiber-Miller says:

    Dear Thay,
    Wishing you Happy Continuation Day. I started reading your words in the 1970’s.Then I found you again a few years ago. I went to hear you speak at Blue Cliff Monastery September 2014.
    Listening to your wisdom and kind words gave me a sense of peace. Since then I have spent two summers at Plum Village in France.
    Thank you for bring me to meditation and mindfulness.


    Thank you so much for this detailed report about Thay. Happy Continuation Day, Dear Thay. Your teachings have made a huge difference in my life, and I will continue to practice with all my heart. Thank you!

  128. Nomi Redding says:

    Dear Thay, Dear Sangha-how happy I am to have this heartening update of Thay’s progress and presence. Dear Thay, your continuation is a true occasion for celebration. We will stop and look deeply to nourish our hope in times of trouble and share the many abundant joys of this planet we are dedicated to protect. Your grateful student, Nomi, True Garden Way, Deep Listening Sangha of Lawrence,Kansas USA.

  129. Michelle Vilchis says:

    Very Happy Birthday 🎉 My gift 🎁 of improvement is taking 1 hour of mindfulness practice in creativity activities a day

  130. Barbara says:

    Happy continuation day dear Thay! Mindfulness is bliss and your words guide us sweetly to arrive in the here and the now. Living life one mindful moment at the time, I dedicate a smile to you.

  131. Van Thuy Nguyen says:

    Con kính bạch sư Ông mạnh khoẻ. Con xin nguyện sống tỉnh thức mỗi ngày. Namo Quan Thế Âm Bồ Tát mahatat.

    • Gema Sánchez Úbeda says:

      Querido Thay
      Celebro tu vida profundamente.
      Conocerte ha anclado la espiritualidad en mi y te siento como mi Maestro.
      Tus palabras y prácticas han tocado mi corazón y mi alma.
      Agradezco enormemente todas tus enseñanzas.
      Me comprometo a ofrecer incienso en las mañanas, recitar el gatha del Despertar y respirar tres veces antes de ponerme a conducir
      Con amor

  132. Happy Continuation Day, Thay.
    The day I opened you book, True Love – An Awakening of the Heart, I felt I found a door I never knew about. It opened slowly to me , and allowed me to enter the teachings of Buddhism with curiosity, thirst and awareness of the change that had begun to happen right then. It is still happening, and foe that I am grateful to you. This summer I went and attended a few days of retreat at Plum Village. Your physical body was not there, but your spirit was there in everything, from nuns and monks, to buildings, grass and trees, water and, of course, lotus flowers. I follow the Five Mindfulness Trainings, though I have not gotten a Dharma name from you yet.
    Thank you and I hope to be able to learn more from your words in the future.

  133. Miyuki&Ririka says:

    Dear Thay, Dear Sangha,
    Happy Continuation Day!
    Thay’s 92 years longevity encourages us very much.
    I and my teenage daughter continue mindfulness practice in daily life,
    We are happy here and now. Thank you.(^^)

  134. Meryl Bovard says:

    Dear Thay, Beloved Teacher,

    I am continuing you by offering a peaceful smile to all the shop keepers and workers who I encounter each day.

    I vow to practice veganism more days each month in order to protect Mother Earth, and to reduce the suffering of animals, and all living beings.

    I will always treasure the transmission of your teachings when you looked into my eyes, and I felt the warm nectar of the teachings travel throughout my body. Blue Cliff Monastery, 2007

  135. Sandy Jones says:

    Thay, with honor for your continuation and for our interbeing, I now am mindfully breathing. You could not know the impact your teachings have had in my life. I close my eyes and sit with you, thousands of miles apart. Life is here, now.

  136. Rev Dr Catherine Cullen says:

    Dear Thay, dear sangha….Happy Continuation Day to our beloved teacher🙏❤…Dear Thay I will walk mindfully from my door to my car…. each mindful step will be accompanied with deep gratitude for the gift of the practice…..🙏❤

  137. Sharon Choa says:

    Happy continuation day, dearest Thay❣️

  138. Happy Ontimustion Day dear Thay. And gratitude for this wonderful update. I first walked with you at the Vietnam war Memorial wall in Washington, DC in the early 1990’s. Your sweet writings and poems always make me smile And be more mindful. Here’s to washing dishes always with mindfulness! A beautiful experience for me. Sending love and light for your continued healing. Aloha, Vika

  139. Barbara says:

    Just accidentally, since I was looking online for a book by the master, I came along to the Plum Village website right now, in the early hours of October 11th…
    I would like to send many best wishes for good health and recovery and a very happy “continuation day”!
    I saw and heard Thich Nhat Hanh once in Zürich many years ago. My path has been with Tibetan lamas, but nevertheless, Thich Nhat Hanh left a deep impression on me. Still today, I find him very helpful. Just a few sentences of his can touch your heart and go on and on and give impulses that make you see deeper and wider.
    Graceful peace and inspiration comes from every single word. So lovely and so amazing.

  140. Jason Gerhardt says:

    Dear Thay, you literally saved my life at 17 from street violence and crime. You did this first with your writing, then by creating a community I could take refuge in, and by teaching me directly and indirectly for many years. I was just remarking how 18 years have passed since I first found Peace is Every Step, and I now have more time on this earth with zen practice than without. It is my greatest joy. And I’ve used it to create many positive hand prints in the world through teaching, growing and distributing healthy food, and building earth care projects around the Americas. You got me here. Even my love and care for the earth started as the Maple Forest monks and I built a garden on the hillside. I’m wishing you the greatest continuation day, dear teacher. With so much love, your forever student, Jason.

  141. Kính bạch Sư Ông,
    Chúng con thành kính cầu nguyện Sư Ông khoẻ thêm, an lành trong ngày sinh nhật thứ 92 này. Chúng con biết ơn Sư Ông qua sự giảng dạy, dịch kinh, viết sách để lại Gia Tài quý báu cho nhiều thế hệ. Mãi mãi nhớ ơn Sư Ông. We are very grateful for your Teaching, dear Thay, Happy Continuation Day. We vow to practice as a Gift to you, now and years to come. Nam mô Bồ tát Quán Thế Âm.
    Con, Thích Từ-Lực
    Chùa Phổ-Từ, California

  142. Dear Thay, beloved Thay, Thank you for all your wonderful awareness teachings and mindfulness practices. In the early 90s it was my great pleasure to be able to learn from you directly in Plum Village, California, and Colorado. You influenced my life and my work totally, and still there are many words and hints that come to mind that are connected to your loving consciousness, that are passed-on all the time! You have done it all and then some, dear Thay. Thank you for everything. You’ve never stopped shining!
    with love and gratitude,
    Deb Sunya Huntley

  143. Christine Walker says:

    Happy Continuation Day Dear Beloved Teacher Thay. Thank you for your wonderful teachings, your presence, inspiration and compassion.
    You are the most amazing light in the world, I will be forever grateful for your presence in my life, with love and Best Wishes Christine.

  144. JD Crosato says:

    WOW. 92? You don’t look a day over 60 Thay. Happy Continuation Day. It seems like just yesterday we walked and rolled together in Plum Village. I hope to see you again soon. Sending you healing wishes with a smile – Your humble follower from Vancouver, Canada currently residing in Japan…JD Crosato.

  145. Patty Collier says:

    Thank you for the beautiful description of beloved Thay’s life and continuing practice. I have attended two educators retreats at Blue Cliff monastery, and now I invite my students to practice mindfulness for two minutes at the beginning of class each day. I think they really enjoy it. Peace to Thay and joy on his continuation😁

  146. Sara and Charles says:

    My husband and I fell in love at a bookstore buying one of Thay’s books. I remember him in his pinstripe suit sitting on the floor to read from all of them. We are grateful to have seen him speak along with his students. Happy birthday and thank you for a long and fruitful marriage. We think often of not watering negative thoughts and of finding the most loving way to speak love and caring as well as our anger or frustration to each other, to our children and to the world. We carry on his teachings to the best of our ability. Thank you, thay.

  147. Terri says:

    Happy continuation day, Thay! I’m so delighted to hear of your progress. You continue to teach and inspire! I am deeply grateful for your teachings and the impact they have made on me, my children, and the world around us. I love the idea of committing to a new and simple practice of mindfulness, and also of vegetarian eating. My children and I will be doing that! Peace and comfort to you, dear Thay!

  148. Gemma says:

    Happy Continuation Day Beloved Teacher!!!

  149. Sue Legree says:

    I was just thinking about Thay today and wondering how his health was and the universe brought me the update. Thank you and continued health to this wonderful man.

  150. Rock says:

    Dearest Thay,

    Happy continuation day and we are all so grateful for your teachings and inspiration!

  151. Erick McEnaney says:

    Thay, hello. Your teachings and writings have comforted me during difficult times more than any other I have ever embraced. Thank you so very much for sharing the beautiful human being that you are, and for being peace (the guiding light) showing us the way. Following in your footsteps, I vow each day to begin anew and to live with eyes of compassion…always. I love you Thay!!

  152. Francesca Cascino says:

    Dear beloved teacher ,
    I’ m Francesca from Florence Italy, I would like to thank you for inspiring our daily life so much , my little child Daniel 7 years that loves plum Village so much … always let the bell sound in our home and we breath together and we enjoy so much saying at law voice some of your precious words such as “this is a legendary moment” in many instant of our week and we smile a lot when we pronounce this power words that you use to say to your beloved young monks …. we bring you with us every day in our mind desire strong volition and even when life becomes hard we really try to concentrate to what is beautiful around us and in our body! … and when we walk we try to touch our Mother Earth as we where eating an ice cream !!! Happy continuation day Father Thay.
    it’s impossible to really let you understand haw you change our life and how we are grateful to you m, but you opened our heart you permit us to feel…. to fell the joy, the gratitude, the connection with our ancestors, the beauty of nature and many other fulfill sensations that help us in the dark days of our life. I bow in gratitude to you my beloved teacher

  153. David E Gellman says:

    Happy Continuation Day, dear Thay! Your teachings have been of immense value to me, and I am grateful to you for them. I wish you health, happiness, and peace, always

  154. Sally Morson says:

    We are blessed by your presence and precious teachings most dear Thay. Thankyou for teaching me that I can take care of my suffering. Thankyou for the lotus ponds at plum village. Thankyou for teaching me how to walk, eat and breath with mindfulness. You are so precious. Thankyou for continuing with us. I offer you a renewed commitment to continue refraining from drinking alcohol as there is a strong seed of alcoholism in me and my family. May I also offer a commitment to recite the 5 mindfulness trainings weekly to help me renew my freshness for practise. Thankyou dear Thay with much love and reverence.

  155. Win Grace says:

    My Dear Beloved Teacher,
    I love you. I wish you a happy continuation day, and I smile brightly to see you beautifully continued all over the planet! Every morning when I walk from the parking garage to my office here in Missouri, USA, I try to walk mindfully, noticing the beautiful sky, the trees, the birds, the squirrels, and to feel the heartbeat of Mother Earth as I step. I often sing the following gatha as I walk. (I think I read it in a transcription of a talk that you gave.)
    Life is every step, healing every step.
    Miracle. Freedom.
    I am looking forward to spending a week at Plum Village beginning Oct. 19th during the Rains Retreat.
    I feel your presence in my life, and I am so grateful!
    Love, Win Grace, Wondrous Music of the Heart

    • Zutoia says:

      Mi amado Thay, Zorionak en tu día de Continuación. Gracias por todo lo que me has dado y me das cada día. Sonrió contigo al Universo y te pienso en las noches de millones de estrellas. Te quiero tanto.

  156. Dave Aquilante says:

    Happy continuing day my dear teacher. You have saved me with your teachings. I take every step in mindfulness. I too had a stroke, but i donot suffer, i have the energy of mindfulness deep in me thanks to your teachings.

  157. Christophe Casteleyn says:

    Dear Thay
    Thank you for your ‘presence’!
    ❤️ Christophe

  158. Tiffani Fallucca says:

    My offering for Thay’s continuation day is to walk with mindfulness each morning from my front door to my car, then from my car into the building where I work. I have been eating a vegetarian diet for 15 years since reading my very first book written by Thay, “Wisdom for Cooling the Flames.” I plan to eat a vegan diet for the next three months as an offering to Thay’s continuation day.

  159. Deborah says:

    Happy birthday Dear Thay. Thanks to your wise teachings and presence my life changed for the better. I always have one of your many books by my bedside.

  160. Prem Mallika says:

    Happy Continuation Thay dear, my commitment offered to beloved Thay is that I am going to take each step from the door to the car and to the office with awareness and calm!

  161. Trish Annie Stevens says:

    Thank you so much for this loving and detailed update on Thay’s health. Thay’s teaching has had a profound effect on my spiritual life. My commitment is to increase the number of vegan days each week and to avoid single use plastic wherever possible. I am so glad he is still with us and happy, and wish him many more happy continuation days.

  162. Prudence Scott says:

    Thank you, Thay. Peace is Every Step is one of my favorite reds and changed my life for the better…
    Stay well.

  163. Emile G Mercier says:

    Mr. Hanh, I wish for your recovery. Thank you so much for all of your interpretations!

  164. Judith Mennell says:

    Dear Thay

    I wish you a Happy Continuation Day for the 11th October. May you enjoy this day and continue with your recovery

    Thankyou for your teachings which give me great joy.

    With warm wishes as Autumn leaves fall on a warm sunny day

    Judith Mennell

  165. Dear Thây, thank you for your wonderful teaching and presence, and for what my children and I have been blessed to receive over the years. Your teachings are alive and thriving in each one of those whose lives you touched. Your integrity and dedication to the dharma are a rare jewel that I will always treasure. Om namo buddhaya

  166. Faye Chang says:

    I wish Thay a happy and blessed continuation day. He is a beautiful and precious person who has deeply touched many lives across the world, including mine. Thank you so very much for the update on Thay’s progress. Love and good wishes.

  167. Peter Leslie says:

    Dear Thay, dear Sangha, dear brothers and sisters, you’re teachings have helped me transform my very self. This summer I commited to the 5th Mindfulness training after battling many years with addictions. No mud, no lotus helped me with mindfull breathing and walking to transform my mud into a beautiful lotus. Soon some friends and I are beginning a small sangha here to generate the energy of understanding and love. I thank you for your teachings and your wonderful sangha throughout the world.

  168. Lynn Jolly says:

    Happy continuation day dearest Thay, you are a shining light in this world. Your teachings guided me to change my life completely. I went vegan from lifelong vegetarian, I am an animal rights/peace activist and am opening a sanctuary for people & animals called Lotus. I started a local sangha and I started a not-for-profit online shop called Bohemian Hippy – the first & last 2 letters of the Bodhi tree and the logo is the tree with hearts as leaves. The shop raises money for animals I rescue. This has all been done on the back of your teachings – you help people to not only help themselves but to go out into the world and help other beings! I’m so grateful to have been on so many retreats with you and visited Plum Village whole you Led retreats. 🙏🏻
    A Deep Bow

  169. Nick Sangster says:

    So good to hear of Thay’s progress and more so how he is still spreading joy and love through his presence. It’s a timely reminder for me to come home to the Five Mindfulness Trainings and the commitment I try to make to them – with warmest wishes and love for Thay’s continuation day x

  170. Anneloes Degenaar says:

    Happy birthday dear Thay. Thank you for your inspiration in my life. I learned so much from your wise words in your books. I have read a lot and the most books three or four times. I also never forget the retreat in Eiab. Thank you for your lessons, they made me real happy. NAMASTE.

  171. Nona Famous says:

    Grazies milles. Many many thanks for this most anticipated update. Thay is loved with all my heart.

  172. Vivian Taube says:

    Happy Continuation Day, Thay! I am delighted to find out that you celebrated on October 7th and 8th. October 7th, 2009, was the day my beloved mother, Renata Taube, died of recurring breast cancer, and the 8th, that year, was the day Dad turned 90. He, too, is now gone, having died of dementia in early 2013. I miss them both very much, but I know they live in my heart, in spirit, too. I like Touching the Earth for them and other ancestors, family, and friends, using Sister Chan Khong’s recording, leading that. I also like using her recording of “Deep Relaxation.” I contribute some money, monthly, to your foundation. I am vegan much of the time, and mostly vegetarian the rest of the time, though I still have a little meat, on rare occasion, I admit. I attend several sanghas, maybe most notably, the Sugarplum Sangha at Mariposa, in Ukiah, CA, where some of us have been living, creating a lay practice residential community. I love you, Thay, and I am glad you are enjoying your birthday and every day.
    Vivian Taube :)

  173. Sandy Johnson says:

    I recently received the 5 Mindfulness Trainings and find them to be very powerful for me and am committed to following them. Thank you Thay for your beautiful writings, I have enjoyed many of your books. Happy continuation!

  174. Ashika says:

    Dear Thay I was not aware you suffered a stroke and wish you a speedy tecovery🙏🏻 Whenever I feel anxiety creeping up on me I picture your smiling face and remember to become aware of my breath.🙏🏻 I promise to remember you, your serene look , your gentle voice whenever I feel agitated emotionally. I commit to teaching this method of promoting self peace to my children. I wish you many more healthy and happy years to come and I offer you my gratitude and love. Regards Ashika.

  175. Carol Ling says:

    Thank you for the sharing wish Thay stay strong & enjoy every bliss every day.

  176. Anne Hess Geesink says:

    Thank you for this wonderful update, I’m happy to read that Thay is still enjoying life. He has always been a great inspiration for me, and always will be. I am a teacher and commit to pass on joy and kindness to my students so that they may pass it on to those around them. This way I will continually honour our dearly beloved Thay. Thank you and happy birthday! 🙏💖🎉

  177. Nicola Collett says:

    Since returning from Plum Village this July, I have become much more aware of the importance of eating my food slowly. I try with some success, but not always.

    I also stopped drinking alcohol in September. I intend to do this for three months initially and this commitment is my offering for Thay’s ‘continuation’ day.

  178. Kevin Hearth says:

    Happy Continuation day Thay, namasté.