The ordination of the Gingko Family

The five women and six men, from France, The Netherlands, Portugal, Germany, Finland, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Taiwan, together with their relatives, friends, and the whole fourfold community, crowded into the meditation hall of the Upper Hamlet, on October 17, 2019 to celebrate a wonderful day as they embark on this path of healing, transformation, and service.


Just seeing the two of you sitting here in front of me is the greatest gift

Brother Troi Ruong Huong to his parents at the post-ordination celebration

Being a ‘Zen Buddhist French monk’ is to offer something to my society. Offer something to the children, but also for all of France, for the earth, for everyone

Brother Troi Ruong Lanh

I’ve been married for 36 years. Before becoming a nun, I had to ask my husband for a divorce. He is so kind. He accepted without posing any difficulties for me. We had a good relationship. Of course we had arguments, but we understood that we loved each other.

Sr Trang Khuong Cu
Novice Ordinees at Plum Village with their mentors
From left 1st row: Srs Lang Nghiem, Trang Khuong Dinh, T. Khuong Cu, T. Khuong Am, T. Khuong Y, T. Khuong Gioi. 2nd row : Brs Troi Ruong Phap, T. Ruong Lanh, T. Ruong Nghia, T. Ruong Huong, T. Ruong Duc, T. Ruong Hieu, Phap Tien

In a tradition initiated by Thich Nhat Hanh, all new groups of novitiates are named after a species of tree, because Thay wanted them to feel rooted in the place, traditions, and practices of Plum Village. These novices are all now part of the sister/brotherhood of the Gingko tree.

Discover the personal stories of these new monastics

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