Memorial Practice Resources

Selected chants, meditations, teachings, readings, songs, calligraphies & photos, to support your practice at home or with a local sangha, as we generate the energy of mindfulness and compassion in memory of our teacher Thich Nhat Hanh (Thay).

Please also join our collective Memorial Services, live-streamed from Plum Village France and Huế, Vietnam.

Create a Ceremony at Home

Guidance on how to set up your own altar, and how to generate the energy of mindfulness, peace, compassion during ceremonies. Once you have set up your space, you can find a quiet time to follow the 45-minute ceremony we have prepared in the video.

How to prepare
A Sacred Moment
How to Create an Altar at Home
The Spirit of Ceremonies in the Plum Village Tradition

Follow your own ceremony

This 45-minute ceremony to honor Thay, led by Plum Village monastics, is designed for you to follow at home. It includes a chant to accompany the lighting of incense, guided prostrations to the bodhisattvas, chanting the Heart Sutra, readings and music.

Practicing online with your local sangha?
This PDF of a suggested program for a 1.5-hour online Zoom sangha session to honor Thay may be helpful.

Guided Meditations

Follow practices offered by senior Dharma Teachers to embrace what may be there in our hearts and minds in this moment:

A 15 minute-Guided Meditation

More meditations

Breathing with the Buddha (guided by Thay) 22:12

Meditation on the Four Elements 43:51

Touching the Earth meditations

Six Earth Touchings (guided by Thay) 26:58

Sister Eleni about the Practice of Touching the Earth

Dharma Talk Clips

Short teachings about what happens when we die, and how we can look deeply to face dying and death without fear.

The Little Flame: A Teaching on Birth & Death
Rebirth, Reincarnation or Continuation?
The Little Plant of Corn & the “Eyes of Signlessness”
You Can’t Find Me In A Stupa
Where Do We Go When We Die?
“Being an Island”: the Buddha’s last teaching
I Don’t Like the Idea of “No Birth and No Death”
You Are More Than Your Physical Body

See the full playlist here.

Chants & Songs

The Great Compassion Chant
Incense Offering and Paying Respect to the Bodhisattvas
The Heart Sutra in Vietnamese

More chants

Drops of Compassion (in Vietnamese) 8:16

Incense Offering (chanted by Thay) 4:33

Listening To The Bell 4:50

Br Pháp Linh

The Great Bell Chant 7:13

Thich Nhat Hanh, Br Phap Niem

Invoking the Buddha and Bodhisattvas’ names 4:52


Being an Island Unto Myself 4:09

Please Call Me by My True Names (song) 3:38

No Coming, No Going (song) 2:20

Unborn & Indestructible 4:53

I Smile to the Stars (sung by Sister Chan Khong) 3:58

Alone Again (Promise Me) 3:10

The Sound of the Rising Tide 9:17


A selection of short readings to incorporate into your practice, recommended by Plum Village Dharma Teachers.

108 - TNH 2010s teaching art of generating happiness handling suffering - PHOTO PVCEB
Book Excerpts

from Thay’s writings

Read More



Thay’s life story


“Directed by Marc J Francis & Max Pugh, ‘Walk With Me’ is a cinematic and immersive exploration into the world-famous monastery of Zen Buddhist master Thich Nhat Hanh. 

You may like to explore more films about Plum Village here.

Photos & Calligraphies

You may like to download and print a photo of Thay and one of his calligraphies for an altar or to place on your wall at this moment.

(Download these images by right-clicking and choosing “save image as…”)

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