Highlights from the week of ceremonies

We have selected videos and eulogies that highlight the special events during our memorial week.

Our teacher Thay, has been given the formal title of being from the 42nd Generation of the Linji Dyana School, and 8th Generation of the Lieu Quan Dharma Line, Patriarch and Abbot of Tu Hieu Lineage, Founder of the International Plum Village Dharma School, whose first name is Trung and whose second name is Quang, and whose lineage name is Phung Xuan, and whose Dharma Title is Zen Master Nhat Hanh, and whose family name is Nguyen, an Awakened Master.

Powerful images from Thich Nhat Hanh’s Funeral Procession & Cremation

Our teachers final funeral ceremony and cremation

Thay’s funeral on Saturday, 29th January 2022, was one of the biggest Huế, Vietnam has seen for decades. Thousands came out to join the procession, in a deep expression of love and respect for a cherished spiritual leader, a humble monk, and an extraordinary human being.

Thay’s Casket Ceremony (23/2/2022)

A powerful and moving ceremony for laying our teacher’s body in the casket, broadcast live from Từ Hiếu Temple, in Huế, and Plum Village, France. The ceremony is in Vietnamese, with commentary in English by Sister True Dedication in Plum Village. (To watch without commentary, click here.)

An intimate tribute celebration (28/2/2022)

This celebration was filled with live music, song, heartfelt readings, and sharings from Plum Village, France (mostly in English).

A solemn and moving ceremony of gratitude (28/2/2022)

This was held in the temple in Huế, Vietnam, with Thay’s most senior disciples, and including a formal tribute from the people of the United States (mostly in Vietnamese, with English commentary).

A momentous funeral procession (cortège) (29/2/2022)

This is a procession with chanting, drums, bells, flowers, and parasols as Thay’s casket makes the final journey to the cremation grounds; followed by texts, poems and songs offered by Thay’s senior monastic disciples (mostly in Vietnamese, with English commentary).

Ashes Ceremony and Procession back to Tu Hieu Temple (30/1/2022)

In this sacred ceremony and procession in the early morning of Sunday January 30th, in Vietnam, Thay’s ashes were formally carried from the “Paradise Garden” Cremation Park, to our Từ Hiếu Root Temple in Huế, by Thay’s disciples and close Venerables. The urns, incense, Thay’s memorial “Dragon plaque” portrait, sanghati robe, and bowl were all placed on Thay’s altar in the Full Moon Meditation Hall, where the community can continue to pay their respects until the 100th Day Ceremony. Commentary and guidance in English is provided by Sister Kinh Nghiem (Sister Reverence).

Namo’valokiteshvaraya chant of compassion

This is a high-quality recording of the chant of compassion, invoking the name of the Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara, recorded in the Still Water Meditation Hall, Upper Hamlet, Plum Village, France, in Autumn 2020.

Dharma Talk by Br Phap Dung – Continuing Thay’s Aspiration (28/2/2022)

This Dharma talk about “Continuing Thay’s Aspiration” was given by Brother Phap Dung, a senior Plum Village Dharma Teacher. The talk was given from Deer Park Monastery in Escondido, California.

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A Eulogy from Thay’s Disciples in Plum Village

A Eulogy from Thay’s disciples in Vietnam

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