Photos / More Memorial photos from Tu Hieu, Hue

Ashes ceremony – Thay’s ashes were formally carried to our Từ Hiếu Root Temple (Sunday 30 of January 2022)

Final Funeral Ceremony, Procession and Cremation @Tu Hieu temple, Huế and the Vinh Hang memorial park outside Huế (Saturday 29 of January 2022)

Seventh Memorial Day @Tu Hieu temple, Hue (Friday 28 of January, 2022)

Sixth Memorial Day – Novice Ordination , 27 January @ France, Hue-Vietnam, Thailand, USA

Please see more in the photos album Mimosa tree family ordination

Fifth Memorial Day @Tu Hieu temple, Hue (Tuesday 26 of January, 2022)

Fourth Memorial Day @Tu Hieu temple, Hue (Tuesday 25 of January, 2022)

Second Memorial Day @ Tu Hieu temple, Hue (Sunday 23 of January, 2022) – Laying of the body in the casket

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