Photos / Memorial Ceremony Photos from Hue, Vietnam

Ashes ceremony – Thay’s ashes were formally carried to our Từ Hiếu Root Temple (Sunday 30 of January 2022)

Thay’s funeral on Saturday, 29th January 2022, was one of the biggest Huế, Vietnam has seen for decades. Thousands came out to join the procession, in a deep expression of love and respect for a cherished spiritual leader, a humble monk, and an extraordinary human being.

Our teachers final funeral ceremony and cremation

Final Funeral Ceremony, Procession and Cremation @Tu Hieu temple, Huế and the Vinh Hang memorial park outside Huế (Saturday 29 of January 2022)

Seventh Memorial Day @Tu Hieu temple, Hue (Friday 28 of January, 2022)

Sixth Memorial Day – Novice Ordination , 27 January @ France, Hue-Vietnam, Thailand, USA

Please see more in the photos album Mimosa tree family ordination

Fifth Memorial Day @Tu Hieu temple, Hue (Tuesday 26 of January, 2022)

Fourth Memorial Day @Tu Hieu temple, Hue (Tuesday 25 of January, 2022)

Third Memorial Day @Tu Hieu temple, Hue (Monday 24 of January, 2022)

Second Memorial Day @ Tu Hieu temple, Hue (Sunday 23 of January, 2022) – Laying of the body in the casket

If you would like to see more photos, you can find them in an additional album here.

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