Brown Field and Blue Sky

Talk 3: How Can We Know What is Right?

When you produce a thought in the line of Right Thinking, a thought that has no discrimination, that goes along with interbeing, understanding, forgiveness, and compassion, that thought will have an effect right away on your mind, on your health, and on the world.

Talk 2: A Zen Master’s Lion’s Roar

According to Buddha Shakyamuni, free will is possible. It begins with mindfulness, and we are all capable of walking in mindfulness and breathing in mindfulness. These are concrete practices that help us establish our freedom and make it greater, so we can stop being lost.

Talk 1: At Home in the Here and Now

The first teaching of the Buddha set the foundation for an ethic - the real sufferings in our hearts and in society, seeing their roots, and finding a path to transform suffering. Join us in reflecting and applying Thay's teachings on a Buddhist contribution toward a Global Ethic, made...

“Now We Have a Path” – The 2023-24 Rains Retreat

The Plum Village community in France began our 2023-24 Rains Retreat on October 19. Amidst a turbulent world, the community of 225 practitioners is committing to dwell peacefully together for 90 days. Recognizing "Our actions really matter. Our love and compassion are the fabric of every moment."

Thay in our hearts

In this post are encounters with Thay shared by our monastic siblings and friends, who have offered these stories as a gift to celebrate Thay's Continuation day (October 11).

Free at School

Former school teacher Richard Brady speaks to Kaira Jewel Lingo about how he became a mindful teacher and his work helping other teachers learn mindfulness.

Summer Opening 2023

We invite you to share in moments from the Summer Opening for families. Over these three weeks, more than 2,000 lay practitioners – including 170 teenagers and 480 children came to live in simplicity, cultivating awareness, understanding, and compassion.

Homosexuality and discrimination

In this extract from Answers from the Heart, Thich Nhat Hanh addresses how he sees the Buddhist view of homosexuality, and how we can free ourselves from the suffering caused by discrimination.

Coming Home to Our Roots

Three young friends recount how they explored questions of belonging and "home" during a retreat in Plum Village Monastery, France for young Asian diaspora.

Let Us Share the Vision

What can we learn from astronauts? In this Dharma talk extract, Thich Nhat Hanh teaches how we can borrow their perspective to truly appreciate our precious planet.

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What is Mindfulness

Thich Nhat Hanh January 15, 2020

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