Family Beginning Anew

We are happy to offer you this sharing on the practice of beginning anew for families as we continue our summer opening retreat here in Plum Village France. A 'beautiful, simple yet deep' practice that has the capacity to bring joy & healing to all.

Dharma Stories For Children

As we journey through our annual Summer Opening Retreat we hope you enjoy these Dharma stories for children offered by Br. Phap Dung & Br. Pham Hanh in Upper Hamlet.

Music on Peace

A sharing from the heart exploring music as a pathway to embrace suffering, look beyond the discriminative mind and water seeds of a new world, where every note in our collective song has the conditions to bloom in safety, peace and harmony.

Biennial June Retreat 2024

We have just completed the June retreat at Plum Village France, with nearly 600 practitioners coming together. Here are some precious moments from the retreat.

Anger, Despair & Burnout: A Dialogue

In this article we share an excerpt from 'Anger, Despair & Burnout: A Dialogue' featuring questions from Sister True Dedication and responses from Christiana Figueres, a climate leader, Costa Rican diplomat and student of Thich Nhat Hanh.

Music: A Dharma Door

In 2023, Plum Village monastics went on their first music tour across North America, titled “The Way Out Is In: A Musical Meditation.” It offered a unique blend of contemplative music, poetry and short, inspiring teachings.

I Walk for You

In this article Sr. Chan Lac Hanh shares about the journey of reuniting with her beloved omma (birthmother), knowing the right thing to do and how becoming a monastic has opened up a clear path ahead, filled with compassion.

Talk 7: Can You Live A Happy Life?

Ethics has the purpose of finding out what should be done and what should not be done. What is the right thing to do? Thay explores this topic in Talk 7 of our series on Ethics and how we can apply this wisdom to live a happy life.

Entering The Field

By recognizing what seeds lie sleeping in the depths of our Store Consciousness we can choose what seeds to water and how to practice on this path.

The Door of Compassion

The door of compassion is the door of our hearts. In this article Br. Thay Minh Hy helps us look deeply into how to keep this door open for the benefit of all.

Greeting The Dawn

The editorial team had a chance to interview the Daffodil family after their ordination to learn about their journeys, transformations, challenges, and aspirations.


In this article we explore Sr Chan Duc's sharing on how to reconcile through the practices of Beginning Anew, Nonviolent Communication and Forgiveness.

Resilience, Community, and Spirituality (Part one)

In our current global state, there is much despair, anger, blame, and disappointment. How do you continue to act from a place of love? In this article we explore answers to this question during a panel sharing 'Resilience, Community, and Spirituality'

Love is the answer

Thay was asked - How are you able to look out in the world with peace when you see so much suffering? How do you maintain your own sense of peace when you see all that going on around you? ...


Thay said that stress is a great cause of suffering in our time. In this article Sr Chan Duc shares insights into the science of stress, the wisdom of the blackbird and the importance of knowing how to relax.

Thay’s 2-Year Memorial Ceremony

On January 29, more than 400 monastics from all Plum Village centers, alongside venerable monks and nuns of Hue and lay practitioners from over 30 countries gathered in Tu Hieu Root Temple to honor Thay. This grand memorial ceremony recognized Thay as the Fifth Patriarch of Tu Hieu and...

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What is Mindfulness

Thich Nhat Hanh January 15, 2020

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