“I see the Buddha as a human being…” Reflections on the Buddha, his Teachings and the Ceremony of Vesak

On May 15th 2022, residents of Plum Village Monastery in France celebrated the holiday of Vesak which commemorates the life and enlightenment of the Buddha. We took this opportunity to ask some of the monks and nuns at Plum Village how they relate to the Buddha and the ceremony of Vesak.

Reflections on the Buddha, his Teachings and the Ceromony of Vesak (11:29)

More Offerings Related to Vesak

Sitting with the Buddha

Connect with the Buddha with this guided meditation from Thay.

Past Vesak Dharma Talks
Thich Nhat Hanh, 2013
Brother Phap Linh, 2017
Sister Dang Nghiem, 2019

Malam Suci Waisak (The Holy Vesak Night)

The Plum Village monastic choir came together to record the Indonesian song Malam Suci Vesak (The Holy Vesak Night), as an offering for Vesak day. This is a song that is commonly sung in Indonesia on Vesak day to commemorate the Buddha’s birth, enlightenment and passing. The English translation is provided in the song. Enjoy!

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