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On 26 May, 2021 Plum Village community celebrated Vesak day with the various Plum Village sanghas in India and the Ahimsa Foundation (an organization founded to represent our teacher Thich Nhat Hanh and his practice communities in India). Due to the serious state of COVID-19 in India, people in India could not gather to celebrate Vesak day as usual and have had to confront many difficulties in the past months. In this session they shared their difficulties and how the practice has helped them in this time and Plum Village provided support with chanting (invoking Avalokiteshvara’s name), a guided meditation and a Dharma talk.

Let’s enjoy some photos of this event.

[Disclaimer: The images that have been posted may show members of the community physically close and not wearing masks within the boundaries of Plum Village. This is because the whole community has been closed to the public and have been living in confinement since March 2020 and therefore the risk of transmitting the Covid virus to each other is very low. 
More information is here.]

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