Ceremonies to Spread Thay’s Ashes

This weekend Thich Nhat Hanh’s ashes will be scattered at Plum Village Monasteries around the world. Sunday will mark 49 days since Thay’s passing, an important day in Buddhist traditions.

Thay’s ashes arrive at Plum Village Monastery in France

Events from Plum Village Monastery, France

(Events from other centers around the world are here.)

Online Retreat – Coming and Going in Freedom

Join us for the special “Coming and Going in Freedom” online retreat starting at 19:30 (CET) on Thursday 10 March, followed by two days of meditations, talks, and circle sharings, ahead of the live-streamed ceremony to receive and spread Thay’s ashes in Upper Hamlet, Plum Village, France on Sunday 13 March. Registration is open until Friday and there are still limited spaces for the sharing circles.

Receiving Thay’s Ashes

On Saturday 5 March, Thay’s monastic and lay students gathered in Upper Hamlet to welcome back Thay’s ashes from Vietnam. The sanghati-clad monks and nuns led the procession in silence, taking mindful steps to the sound of ceremonial bells and drums. After touching the earth in respect to Thay in the Still Water Hall, the sangha sang “I have arrived, I am home”. The invitation ceremony continued with the sisters bringing part of Thay’s ashes to the New Hamlet and Lower Hamlet.

A short video of the ceremony.

Live Ceremonies

You can follow the ceremonies live via YouTube by clicking the images below:

Ceremony of Invitation for Thay’s Ashes followed by Walking Meditation & Spreading Thay’s Ashes on the Buddha Hill: Saturday 12 March, 15:00 CET

Celebrating Thay’s Life Through Music & Poetry: Sunday 13 March 20:00 CET

Events at Plum Village Centers Around the World

Deer Park Monastery, California

“We Have A Path” Memorial Weekend (in-person and online) with live-streamed Dharma talks & Sunday Ceremony:

Thursday 10 March
11:00 (California time): Dharma Talk by Br Phap Luu “Thay & the Earth

Saturday 12 March
10:30 (California time):Dharma Talk by Sister Dang Nghiem “True Continuation”

Sunday 13 March
09:30 (California time):Dharma Talk by Brother Phap Dung Dharma Talk “Sangha Direction”
11:15 (California time): Memorial Ceremony

Blue Cliff Monastery, New York 

In-person Memorial Weekend, with live-streamed talk & ceremonies. The programme includes:

Friday 11 March
11:00 (New York time): Memorial Ceremony  
Saturday 12 March
19:30 (New York time): Sangha Be-in 
Sunday 13 March
09:30 (New York time): Dharma Talk by Brother Chinh Quang  and
11:30 (New York time): Ceremony for Casting the Ashes

Từ Hiếu Temple, Vietnam

Full in-person and online Memorial weekend March 10-13: Chương Trình Ngày Lễ Kỵ Sư Cố & Khóa Lễ Chung Thất Sư Ông Làng Mai  
Highlights include:

Friday 11 March
10:00 (Vietnam time): Ceremonies for Thay: “Lễ Cúng Ngọ” and “Lễ Cung tiến Giác Linh”
19:00 (Vietnam time): Tea Meditation & sharings

Saturday 12 March
09:00 (Vietman time): Dharma Talk
15:00 (Vietnam time): Music & Poetry

Other Plum Village Centers will host in-person retreats and ceremonies over the weekend.

We hope you can join us at some stage to mark the occasion.

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