Dharma Talks / Breathing Peace and Love |  “Spirituality, Science & Action” Retreat, Talk #1  

Sr Lăng Nghiêm

In this Dharma Talk offered on the first day of our 2022 Science retreat, Sr. Lang Nghiem (“Sister Hero”) presents concrete daily practices to help us master our mind. Thanks to the practice of mindfulness, we can intervene in the neural pathways that dictate our ways of being and create new neural pathways that manifest love, understanding, acceptance, generosity and compassion. Can you accept the challenge of turning your scientific investigation inwards and being at the same time the scientist and the lab?

Sister Lang Nghiem shares the principle, method and tools that you will need to invest in as you evolve through this fascinating experiment. However, in order not to lose track, please keep in mind Mindfulness is not only a means, it is a way of life in itself.

0:00 Three sounds of the Bell

0:39 Dharma Talk begins

3:48 Embodied Mindfulness

7:50 First four exercises of mindful breathing

16:25 Fifth and sixth exercises of mindful breathing: generating joy and happiness

28:13 The model of our mind in Buddhist psychology: a model to help us in our practice

38:17 Right Diligence: Creating new neural pathways thanks to mindfulness, concentration, and insight

1:00:16 Seventh and Eight exercises of mindful breathing: recognizing and embracing a painful feeling, especially in the present situation of humanity and our Earth

1:12:51 Sister Lang Nghiem’s recap of her Dharma talk

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Thich Nhat Hanh January 15, 2020

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