Dharma Talks / Busi-ness, How to Busi-less

Sr Diệu Nghiêm

In this opening talk of the Business Retreat, Sr. Dieu Nghiem (Jina) asks the question: Who is really the boss [in our life]?

Knowingly or not, we fall into habitual ways of thinking, speaking, and acting. These are influenced by the inclination of our mind, whether positive or negative. This inclination is the result of repeated watering of “seeds” that lie in the depth of our consciousness. These seeds, or mental formations, include anger, joy, despair, compassion, mindfulness, concentration, and insight.

The energy of mindfulness allows us to be aware of what seeds are being watered. Appropriate attention (in Sanskrit: Yonisomanaskara) is choosing what to attend to, and how to attend to, that which leads to well being in ourselves, our family, society, and the planet.

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