Dharma Talks / Relationships – Trust in Change

Sr Từ Nghiêm

Relationships can be the most nourishing and the most challenging aspects of our lives. We may have inherited complex ways of relating from our ancestors that they’ve never had a chance to clearly understand. As the French philosopher XXX Pascal said, “The heart has reasons, which reason itself does not understand.”

When we touch gratitude, we are able to nourish our relationships. Naturally, there are also times when we come into opposition with others like the negative poles of two magnets. Go walking. Find all the space we need outside to open the space inside. Give it time. Just as the body needs time to rest and heal; some relationships also require thus. Have trust in change.

If you wish to read more about what Thầy had written about relationships, you may look into “The Art of Communication”, “Teachings on Love”, “How to Love”.

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